The origins of Elm Organics began with an investigation. Years before its launch, Linn Stokke, its co-founder, discovered a database that listed the harmful effects ingredients in everyday cosmetics had on human health and the environment. She and her daughter, Sine Stokke, ended up throwing away almost every product they owned. Slowly, the idea of creating a new generation company was born.

In 2019, Sine completed her engineering degree. After Linn, a respected actress at the National Theatre of Norway, also earned a master’s degree in technology management, the mother and daughter team founded Elm Organics in the autumn of 2021.

Already a Success

“It was a shocking experience to discover the level of toxic chemicals that surround us,” says Sine. But the knowledge pushed them to action. Now, though Elm Organics has only existed for a couple of years, the company has already received three awards for their products. In 2022, their Cotton Flower Hand Wash won ‘Best Hand Wash’ at the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. And in 2023, Elm Organics won ‘Best Body Wash’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’ for their Marvelous Oil Blend at the Beauty Shortlist Awards. Sine says: “It was a significant achievement for us, demonstrating that organic products made with innovative technology can compete and win. This will hopefully inspire more producers to follow suit.”

Elm Organics: Redefining beauty products

Elm Organic’s Marvelous Oil Blend.

Ambitious Goals

Elm Organics has ambitious goals that are based on simplicity. “Our vision is to deliver products that look good, feel good, smell good, and are made from the best ingredients,” says Sine. “We want them to carry an organic certification that serves as a guarantee to our customers, making it easy for people to find the products they want and need.” Elm also plans to obtain the status of a climate neutral certified brand in 2023.

Fundamentally Organic

Organic products have been important to both Linn and Sine for a long time. “Many used to believe that they could trust famous brands not to be harmful. The truth is that harmful products often masquerade under a brand name,” reflects Sine. “Organic products provide customers with a guarantee that the product is biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. It’s not complicated; if you seek true quality, start with products that are organically certified.” The inspiration for many of the products Elm Organics creates comes from nature. “We love nature and spend most of our free time hiking in the Norwegian mountains. Nature’s intelligence is breathtaking and has inspired us to seek innovative production methods and new ways of cultivating active properties in raw materials. When nature’s finest materials are cultivated with innovative technology, high-end cosmetics can be created, without harmful chemicals.”

Elm Organics: Redefining beauty products

A Collection of Elm Organics products

Proudly Norwegian at its Core

Besides its commitment to the environment and its organic status, Elm Organics is proudly a Norwegian company. “Elm is created by two women who are 100 per cent Norwegian! This is part of the framework of our beliefs as nature and a natural lifestyle are very important to Norwegians from the time they are very small,” Sine confirms. “But primarily, our main task is to collaborate with the best laboratories around the world to cultivate a new generation of cosmetics. Quality and customer experience are of primary importance.”

Growing Popularity in Norway

The popularity of Elm Organics is growing rapidly in Norway and the company has established a dedicated base of customers. Their products are now available in many high-end hotels as well as selected retail stores. They have also been approached by one of the leading global spa resorts and have been approved, meeting all qualifications.

Elm’s Future Plans

For the future, Elm Organics has a new line of skincare that they plan to launch in autumn 2024. “This skincare is very special to us and it is based on a unique herb that we cultivate on our organic farm,” says Sine. “The herb is packed with vitamin c and healing properties.” Before this, they will introduce a line of bath and massage oils, as well as organic pillow mist and room spray, in the fall of 2023. And, the company is considering their packaging options. “No packaging is perfect yet, but some possibilities are better than others,” says Sine. “Currently, we have opted for recycled bottles as the best alternative. Elm offers an elegant 290 ml bottle with a refill option. For hotels that prefer to use smaller bottles, Elm has developed a 100 percent recycled variation.”

Most importantly, Elm Organics wants to offer products that don’t disturb humans, animals, or nature. They see themselves as setting a standard for a new form of pure cosmetics, certified to the highest standard, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, but still luxurious.

Elm Organics: Redefining beauty products

Linn and Sine, the mother and daughter team behind Elm Organics.

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