‘Punk, possibility and eternally you’ – ENNUI Atelier’s jewellery inspires the wearer to bloom. Playing with the ambiguity of ‘ennui’ to fight the restlessness of everyday life, the brand combines the dainty with the striking, and the eternal with the present.

The story of ENNUI Atelier began in 2019. Its founder Sophie Antonsson drew inspiration from the power of three, a number of great importance in numerology, and with a spiritual significance as the symbol of the three stages of existence – birth, life and death. With the number in mind, she founded the brand with an ambition to strengthen herself and to inspire all modern women and men to unapologetically grow to their true potential.

“Jewellery is a talisman. It has the power to become a shield, to protect you from the hardships of everyday life,” Antonsson explains. “Jewellery is lasting and timeless, in a way that fashion sometimes struggles to be. There are endless ways to style and to curate a look, and with these pieces I want the wearer to challenge themselves to be true to their own sense of style and self. Precious metal and stones are traditionally given as a token of love; I want everyone to feel that it’s a token that can be given to a partner, but also, and maybe most importantly, to celebrate yourself.”

ENNUI Atelier: Fighting boredom with beautiful self-expression

Sophie Antonsson, founder.

Pushing boundaries

The first concept of its kind in Scandinavia, ENNUI Atelier also offers luxury piercing in its own studio and during a visit, guests are welcome to enjoy time in the EarSpa, a spa section that offers treatment focused on the acupressure points of the ear.

Guests are also invited into to the world of earscaping, where curated selections of jewellery inspire the wearer to push the boundaries of what earrings can be, and to wear their gems in new ways and in fresh formations. Earscaping is a phenomenon on the rise and according to industry expert Charlie Boyd, fine jewellery and watches editor of Porter Magazine, it’s predicted to be ‘the’ jewellery trend of 2023.

With a rapidly growing fanbase and expansions both in Scandinavia and globally in the pipeline, Antonsson is excited about the future of the brand. “With the growth we have seen in the past years, we are very excited to see what the future holds for us. We are expanding with more categories and projects, and are looking forward to taking the world of ENNUI Atelier further.”

ENNUI Atelier: Fighting boredom with beautiful self-expression

Everlasting style

The brand encourages its wearers to discover their true sense of style. Mixing pearl necklaces with sweatpants, diamonds with denim, and stacked rings, ENNUI Atelier aims to inspire creativity and everyday rebellion.

“Jewellery should be something that you can use in multiple ways. I want anyone wearing a piece from us to feel they can make it a part of their life – whether this entails wearing the drop pearls on your wedding day, or your diamond labrets when out on a stroll in the city in a washed-out T-shirt. To me, style is expressed best when you make it truly yours,” explains Antonsson. “A few of my personal style icons embody this feeling perfectly in their own right: think of the rich palette of Iris Apfel, the effortless cool of Patti Smith, or the eclectic hedonism of a ‘70s Edie Sedgwick.”

ENNUI Atelier is already a favourite amongst industry giants such as Bea Åkerlund, creative director and stylist to stars such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, and Alicia Agneson, the rising starlet and philanthropist, as well as award-winning actress Gizem Erdogan. And, with multiple rave reviews in magazines such as Vogue, there is no doubt that the brand will continue on its steady path to stimulate creativity.

ENNUI Atelier: Fighting boredom with beautiful self-expression

Web: www.ennuiatelier.com
Instagram: @ennuiatelier
Facebook: ennuiatelier

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