Sweden’s Estelle & Thild, the Scandinavian beauty brand using cutting-edge science to produce skincare that’s not only vegan, but also ecological and organic, is now adding makeup with skincare benefits to its range of products.

Pernilla Rönnberg is the founder and CEO of Estelle & Thild. She explains that the current beauty market trend is towards using fewer products in our skincare routines – so those few need to be more effective. Science-backed makeup products that combine beauty on the surface with deep skincare benefits are the products of choice.

Rönnberg founded the innovative beauty company in Stockholm in 2007, rooting it in high-impact results and organic ingredients. Estelle & Thild is now a certified brand, using cutting-edge scientific research and pure bioactive ingredients in their products. “Today, the ‘Scandi look’ and ‘no makeup look’ are very popular, and a good skincare routine is crucial. Estelle & Thild’s formulas are all based on natural and organic ingredients and certified organic by Ecocert,” she says.

Estelle & Thild: Your makeup is the new skincare

Rönnberg recommends the Healthy Glow Sun Powder – a 100 per cent natural-origin powder with superfine pigments that blend seamlessly into the skin, to enhance the radiance of the complexion. It is made with natural minerals, organic rice powder, avocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E.

Estelle & Thild’s award-winning Self-Tan Drops is another clever product. Enriched with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and soothing organic aloe vera, these liquid drops ensure optimal moisture levels. Just mix them with your daily moisturiser and it will give you a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Then there’s the Biomineral Perfecting Serum Primer Blue Light Protection: “that’s definitely one of my personal favourites,” says Rönnberg. It’s a skincare-infused makeup primer that locks in moisture and keeps the skin looking fresh all day. It contains Lactobacillus, which is a soothing, natural defence against pollution and protects from harmful blue light. Combine the primer with the self-tan drops for a flawless look that protects your skin at the same time. It’s a winning formula.

Estelle & Thild: Your makeup is the new skincare

Right: Pernilla Rönnberg.

Web: www.estellethild.com
Instagram: @estellethild

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