As trends come and go, Eton remains a steadfast companion to the modern man and his wardrobe. Empowering him with style and personality through every seam, button and collar, Eton has been pushing the boundaries of shirt-making since 1928, transforming both the business itself and the landscape it lives in.

Indeed, innovation has been driving Eton since the beginning with numerous creations and milestones contributing to the brand’s success. Perhaps one of the most notable one was pioneering the wrinkle-free cotton shirt – a revolution within menswear. Technical products aside, innovation runs through every strain of Eton’s DNA and extends to its service offering, too.

“Recently, we’ve introduced an interactive in-store tool with an ‘Endless Aisle’ feature that showcases our entire range to the customer at ease. And if the item they want isn’t available in store, they can simply place the order with the sales associate and receive it in a few days, directly at the store or straight to their home,” explains David Thörewik, CEO.

Eton Shirts: 95 years of timeless design

Fasad Head Office, Sweden.

An enduring icon

You can’t talk about innovation without mentioning the classic white shirt. Simple, yes. But also, an icon which has evolved in purpose, function and construction over time, becoming an essential part of every man’s clothing arsenal.

A white shirt is a wardrobe staple as much as a statement piece, suitable for casual button-down Sundays, dinner dates, formal business meetings and everything in between. Generally, the versatility of a white shirt is a given. However, when it’s a white shirt made by Eton specifically, the highest level of craftsmanship and quality come as a bonus.

“With 95 years of expertise behind Eton, we can safely say that we have mastered the art of crafting the white shirt down to its optical white colour. For many customers, it has become the gateway to our brand,” says Thörewik.

Eton Shirts: 95 years of timeless design

Left: Eton offers custom-made shirts tailored after specific measurements, plus design choices of collar, cuffs, monograms and more.

Fit for celebration

Speaking of 95 years in business, Eton will celebrate this milestone come autumn with a captivating campaign that aims to embody the essence of Eton by highlighting its most iconic shirt (hint, it’s their White Shirt). Holding a special place as the brand’s origin, this shirt has remained a focal point of Eton for nearly a century.

“The boundaries of a white shirt are limitless, and I find that truly liberating. In my opinion, its enduring relevance is undeniable, and I confidently predict that it will continue to be a timeless wardrobe staple for at least another 95 years. And we want to showcase this sentiment within menswear fashion this autumn,” says Thörewik.

Personalised shirts

Those looking for custom-made shirts are in luck, too. Whether they need a tailored white shirt or they’re looking for particular fabrics or certain styles of collars and cuffs that fit their preference, customers can make use of Eton’s personalised service.

They can even add their own monogram to a shirt. Adding a personal stamp will make the garment even more valuable, framing it as a keepsake for years ahead.

“This service allows for the ideal fit and unique style expression while reducing fabric waste and stock volume. With custom-made and on-demand options, we empower our customers to actively participate in the creation process and find the perfect fit for them,” explains Thörewik.

A responsible shirtmaker

On the topic of waste and fabrics, it should be said that Eton is committed to its sustainability goals which include reducing our climate emissions and opting for materials with a lower climate impact, without ever compromising on quality or style.

A good example is the use of Organic Supima cotton yarn, which is spun from a rare, extra-long staple cotton that is grown in precise conditions. Not only is this cotton remarkably resilient, but its inherent quality also contributes to the durable draping of Eton’s shirts: it will look as good 10 years’ time as it does today.

Next in store

Eton takes pride in offering products that go beyond mere fashion statements, embodying confidence, sophistication and individuality. The brand’s vision extends beyond fleeting trends as it strives to create enduring pieces that stand the test of time.

“However, it’s not just about the longevity of our products, it’s also about understanding our social responsibility as a global brand and infusing it into everything we do. Sustainability, ethical practices, and a commitment to making a positive impact are integral parts of our ethos,” says Thörewik.

Always catering for customers who recognise the value of quality and style, Eton is now embarking on a global brand concept and store expansion plan, reflecting an increased demand and commitment to its digital-savvy customers.

“We’ll continue to set new standards in the menswear industry and deliver exceptional value to our customers,”says Thörewik. “It’s our pleasure to help them feel their best in every aspect of their lives,” he concludes.

Eton Shirts: 95 years of timeless design

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