The white shirt is one of the most iconic garments in menswear. Eton’s classic and versatile shirts are suitable for any occasion, from casual button-down Sundays to formal business meetings, empowering the modern man with style and personality.

With nearly 100 years in business, Eton has a long heritage in premium shirt-making. This global brand still keeps modern luxury at its core, and the high level of quality is the result of dedication, time and expertise. Trends come and go, but some designs remain the very definition of style, like the Eton shirts.

“The white shirt is the garment worn most often by men. It’s our core product,” says Sebastian Dollinger, creative director. “What’s interesting is that since society has opened up again after lockdown, there’s an increased demand for more formal clothing. When wearing an elegant shirt with a great cut, you walk taller and feel more stylish. It seems like a lot of people have been missing that.”

Eton Shirts: Pushing the boundaries of shirt-making

Best-in-class Signature Twill

The design can be described as Swedish craftmanship and functionality mixed with an Italian sense of flair. Eton’s bestseller is Signature Twill, which has been perfected over several decades with small tweaks to the design and more sustainable materials. This is a classic, versatile shirt with a flattering shape, and it is crease-free for a sharp look.

The devil is in the detail, and Eton creates its shirts together with some of the most highly skilled craftspeople in Europe. Weaving is a key step in the making of a high-quality shirt and achieving an end product that looks and feels amazing.

Eton has a wide range of timeless wardrobe essentials for any occasion, from business meetings to casual holiday wear and formal evening events. And there is a variety of matching accessories such as ties and scarves, caps and hat. A few times a year, the brand complements the range with seasonal drops, such as this autumn’s collection From Bright to Night.

Eton Shirts: Pushing the boundaries of shirt-making

From a kitchen table to the world

Eton saw the light of day in the village of Gånghester, close to the textile hub of Borås, in 1928. It all began at Annie Pettersson’s kitchen table, where she made garments for friends and neighbours. Soon, she outgrew her kitchen and founded Syfabriken Special with her husband David. On a search for quality fabrics in 1948, the founders’ sons Rune and Arne passed through the town of Eton in the UK. Inspired by the well-dressed young men there, they created a new kind of shirt. ‘The Eton shirt’ became a success, and in 1950, the company changed its name to Eton.

In 1992, Eton pioneered the world’s first crease-resistant cotton shirt together with Swiss experts. Today, the brand is a world-leader and known for perfectly sharp shirts and stylish worn-in looks. “Never hand over a shirt until you are completely satisfied with it,” said founder Annie Pettersson, and this is still true today.

“When you work with the same product for such a long time, you will get really good at it,” says Dollinger. “Our secret is continuity in product development. Every year, we make small improvements and refine our products further to make them even better.”

Everything from fabric to buttons, seams and collars is made with careful consideration. “Most important for us is that our products last as long as possible,” Dollinger concludes. “We are looking carefully at the environmental impact and are committed to using only organic or recycled cotton by 2025. Our goal is to be climate neutral by 2035 and we’re constantly improving – we’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk.”

Eton Shirts: Pushing the boundaries of shirt-making

Eton reaches customers in 50 markets worldwide, through its own official online store, brand stores in New York, London, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen and Frankfurt, as well as some of the world’s most prestigious stores, including Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue, Le Bon Marché, and KaDeWe. Next for Eton is expansion in Asia with a high demand for its products in Japan and South Korea, for example.

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