Mix some effortless cool with high-quality materials and finish with a sprinkle of entrepreneurial spirit, and you have got yourself a pair of Everyday Hero boots. The motto of this evocative company is: ‘we don’t create a sensation; we bring one back to life’. A very apt slogan indeed.

“There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, but there’s always room for improvement and refinement and to make a classic design a bit more up-to-date, which will also allow for the next generation to discover it,” begins John B, founder of Everyday Hero.

Everyday Hero, Scan Magazine

There is no doubt about where the inspiration behind these boots that ooze cool comes from. In the county of Småland, and to the soundtrack of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, John grew up in his dad’s atelier, watching him make custom-made leatherwear. “I hardly realised at the time how important this part of my childhood would become,” he says. 20 years later, John was looking for the perfect shoes to wear on tour with his rock band, but the search was in vain. He soon came to the realisation that if he were to ever find the boots, he would probably have to make them himself. And so Everyday Hero was born.

Everyday Hero, Bet your boots

John contacted one of his dad’s old connections, a shoemaker, who was willing to help him create those boots. “Soon, a shoe mould was carved out, and the first pair of Zimmerman Zip Boots were made – a homage to both Bob Dylan and my own background. In a way, it feels like things have come full circle, but this is just the beginning – the look is timeless, and rock ‘n’ roll will never die,” John underlines.

And the story behind the name? “In life, we all have our heroes, whether in music or films, or individuals who inspire us. Heroes are also found in items that embellish our everyday lives and transform our existence, such as a perfect pair of boots – boots that fit regardless of the occasion, as suitable for a night out on the town as when you meet your mother-in-law for the first time. An Everyday Hero,” John concludes.

Web: www.everydayhero.se
Instagram: @everydayheroshoes

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