Ewa i Walla was founded by — you guessed it — Ewa Iwalla, an artist and designer from the village of Valla in Sweden. The clothing brand merges natural materials with modern fashion and a style inspired by the traditional attire of Hälsingland, the home county of Valla. The result is unexpected: feminine countryside garments, embellished with beautiful details, like works of art.

Founded in 2002, the design of Ewa i Walla, draws inspiration from old crafts and fabrics, garments found in flea markets, and vintage boutiques. The brand is all about slow fashion, and the clothes have to last over time — it’s not about what’s currently on trend, but rather about creating distinctive timeless clothing that will last. “ I care about fashion that will look as fashionable today as in ten years, where quality remains at the core. Seasonal trends are not as important: for instance, when everyone is doing dark colours for autumn, I choose to infuse my designs with colour. Many customers still have clothes from the very first collection and it’s a bit like building your dream wardrobe, where you add new pieces little by little,” says Ewa Iwalla.

Ewa i Walla: Unique design in a sustainable fashion

Clothes made to last.

Materials such as linen, silk, wool, and cotton are frequently used in her collections to create a soft flow in the garments. They are created with a certain sense of authenticity, intentionally crafted to feel already lived-in and made with pre-washed, natural materials. Everything from design and creation to distribution is headquartered in the company’s studio which is located close to its origin in Valla.

Ewa i Walla releases two collections per year. The spring one for 2024 has been labelled Glimpse of Summer. This is a selection of unique pieces that are made to celebrate the light and warmth that the summer brings, full of beautiful floral prints and playful embroideries. Simply, another collection made to last.

The designs are available in Ewa i Walla’s own boutique in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, as well as at retailers in Europe, the US, and the online shop.

Ewa i Walla: Unique design in a sustainable fashion

Collections inspired by traditional attire with a modern twist.

Web: www.ewaiwalla.se
Facebook: ewaiwalla
Instagram: @ewaiwallaartdesign

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