O utdoor cooking might be something most people associate with a spattering barbecue, charred sausages and a handful of iceberg salad. But in Denmark, one of the world’s most barbecue enthusiastic nations, a new trend of exclusive outdoor kitchens is taking things up a notch – or ten.

As a result of the growing interest in outdoor cooking, the Danish company fh-teknik has launched Exclusive-living, a new website offering exclusive outdoor stainless-steel kitchens. Having worked with barbecue equipment and accessories for years, the company started branching into more sophisticated forms of outdoor cooking when it noticed an increase in the sale of natural gas valves. Owner and partner in fh-teknik, Johnny Baun Hansen, explains: “For many years, we’ve been selling equipment for gas and barbecues, mostly for bottled gas. But as we noticed the increasing number of gas grill taps being sold, we began looking for alternatives. Natural gas is easier, cheaper and cleaner, so that’s what started it.”


As fh-teknik started trading the traditional methods for natural gas, the company also experienced an interest in more advanced outdoor setups. Hence, Hansen began looking into the possibility of finding an outdoor kitchen that could match the Danes’ famous love of style and quality. He succeeded, and, today, his company offers its customers the possibility of creating their dream kitchen − outside. “What we offer is an outdoor kitchen built up the same way you would with your regular kitchen. We can tailor everything to the requirements of our client − how many drawers they want, what kind of table surface, fridge, grill, gas hob and so on,” explains Hansen.

Exclusive living

All kitchen elements are made in stainless steel and are 100 per cent weather-proof. This also includes the colours, which are worked into the steel surface during a two-day-long process, which ensures their longevity even in direct sunlight. So, when many choose to have their exclusive outdoor kitchen in a covered patio, it is not for the sake of the kitchen, but for them to be able to enjoy it all year round. “The people who choose to invest in this kind of kitchen want to use it as much as possible,” says Hansen, and rounds off: “It’s a great way for the family and friends to come together and take part in the cooking experience.”

Exclusive living


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