Home to mountainous fjords, northern lights, and the midnight sun, Senja, an island in northern Norway, is revered for its tranquillity and magical sights. With easily accessible activities and cosy cabins, Camp Fjordbotn offers the very best of Senja and Norwegian winter.

Along the rippling seafront of Senja Island, securely tucked amidst its magnificent mountains, lies Camp Fjordbotn. The local, family-run campsite offers the perfect base for exploring for all types of travellers, whether they’re looking to stay in a tent, their caravan, or one of the cabins available on the grounds.

Experience Norwegian winter magic with Camp Fjordbotn

Beautiful wisps of Aurora Borealis over Storvannet, Senja.

Ernst-Hugo Eriksen, who runs Fjordbotn with his brother, Stein Gunnar Eriksen, explains that the site was established by their parents, Alf and Erna, in 1992 as a supplement to the family’s farming activities. Since then, Fjordbotn has undergone extensive renovations and expansions, becoming the perfect escape to nature.

“Nowadays, we’re a site that offers affordable, laid back, and low-threshold activities and accommodation for groups of all sizes and interests,” says Ernst-Hugo.

Experience Norwegian winter magic with Camp Fjordbotn

Spend the day with the adorable dog packs and try sledding in Senja’s bright winter landscape.

Chase adventures in Norwegian nature

In the summer, the site is brimming with life and people wishing to momentarily trade the bustle of the summer with the magic of Norwegian nature. The real magic, however, comes with the changes of the seasons. Once the winter darkness falls over Senja, the green and blue flares of aurora borealis light up the night sky – a sight that will leave even the most blasé of travellers breathless.

“From September and throughout March, you can experience Aurora Borealis in Senja. Our guests get the chance to hunt the northern lights, or they can sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate while they wait for Miss Aurora to appear,” says Ernst-Hugo.

Experience Norwegian winter magic with Camp Fjordbotn

“Regardless of your hiking experience, our local area is perfect for people wishing to explore nature. We offer accessible, guided hikes or can refer you to other excellent local guides if you wish to take on a challenge.”

From hiking and skiing to snowshoeing and dog sledding, Senja’s winter nature has something for everyone. Ernst Hugo explains that because nature is so important to the locals, Fjordbon actively works to both reduce their own carbon footprint across all business aspects and encourage their guests to engage in the protection of nature.

“We love Senja and its nature, it’s where we grew up and it’s where we live. It’s therefore very important for us to not only take care of the local community but also our environment,” says Ernst-Hugo.

Experience Norwegian winter magic with Camp Fjordbotn

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