In Selbu, Central Norway, in one of the municipality’s characteristically sprawling and sleepy landscapes, a wooden lodge nestles amongst the greenery. Surrounded by nature, Selbutunet Lodge is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the quiet countryside.

Located by the beautiful river Nea on the outskirts of Trøndelag, Norway, you’ll find the family-run lodge, conference and event space, Selbutunet. With five apartments on site, the lodge offers uninterrupted relaxing stays in peaceful surrounds. “One of the reasons I fell in love with our lodge was because of its surrounding green nature,” says Julie Ingebrigtsen, the owner of Selbutunet.

Built as a hydropower base in the early 1980s, Selbutunet has served many purposes: it was once a school, a golf course, a conference centre and a chocolate factory, before finally becoming a travel lodge that brings peace and serenity to its guests.

“Our long-term goal is to become a retreat centre where people can relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” says Ingebrigtsen. “When people arrive, we want them to feel like they’ve come home.”

Experience tranquility at Selbutunet

A lifelong dream

Ingebrigtsen has always been a hard worker. For as long as she can remember, her dream was to run her own hotel. She was pursuing an education within the industry when her health suddenly took a turn for the worse, forcing her to move home. When she recovered, she landed a job in the Norwegian Ungt Entrepenørskap, which helps young people grow as entrepreneurs.

“It was a great opportunity. Being me, it’s no surprise that I fell into a routine of working non-stop, fully dedicating myself to it,” she says. “Then, my health issues returned. I lost feeling in my arms and feet.”

Her high-paced daily routine was replaced with hospital visits. Ingebrigtsen, who always loved having her hands full, was told her future dreams might not be achievable. “While I needed to listen to my body, there were talks of me having to stop working, which just wasn’t an option. I knew then that I had one last chance to do what I wanted,” she explains.

Experience tranquility at Selbutunet

With her husband, she began to look for a hotel where she could live out her life’s dreams. “In the past, I had briefly worked for Selbutunet and had fallen in love with it, so when we saw that it was up for sale, we jumped at the opportunity,” Ingebrigtsen says. “It’s just perfect, not just for guests, but for me too. Being surrounded by nature and such a peaceful environment has helped my health. It allows me to do more work while feeling relaxed. I just love it here.”

The couple took over Selbutunet in 2017, and just weeks later Ingebrigtsen found out she was pregnant, despite the slim odds her doctors gave. Two blessings, a beautiful baby girl and Selbutunet kickstarted what would be an adventure of a lifetime.

Experience tranquility at Selbutunet

Julie with her husband and daughter.

Serenity and tailor-made service

From the get-go, Ingebrigtsen knew her lodge would be a place where people could find peace. But despite the focus on wellbeing and quality, Selbutunet is not pretentious. “Our services are tailored to each guest, whether they’re alone or in a group of ten. Depending on their wants and needs, we provide different activities and full culinary experiences,” she says. “Of course, some of our guests prefer to enjoy their stay in peace, and like to eat in their own space, which is why every apartment is equipped with a kitchen.”

No matter what it is you’re looking for, there is a space for it. Just say the word, and the staff at Selbutunet will accommodate. “Our concept is simple, but never at the cost of wellbeing. If anything, it allows us to be more flexible in taking care of our guests,” Ingenbrigtsen says. “Additionally, we have a lot of large, open spaces that guests can use for their own pleasure. From the workshop downstairs to the relaxation oasis, there’s space for anything! We still operate as a conference space, and we’ve had workshops and weddings, yoga, concerts and more.”

Selbutunet attracts many different visitors with its tailored services and peaceful tranquility. When you arrive at Selbutunet, you’re immediately enveloped by nature. “As the lodge was previously a golf course, we’ve got a large, beautiful outdoors area,” Ingebrigtsen says. “If our guests wish to spend time on our outdoor grounds instead, we also provide Lauvu tents, so they can comfortably enjoy the surrounding nature.”

Whether you’re an artist looking for a different work space or just someone looking to clear your mind, a returning guest or a new visitor arriving for the first time, the staff at Selbutunet will welcome you home with open arms.

Experience tranquility at Selbutunet

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