Ideally situated midway between Bergen and Oslo, the picturesque village of Geilo is renowned for its high mountains, nature, and convenient access to winter activities. However, Geilo’s allure doesn’t dwindle with the melting snow, setting it apart from many other Norwegian skiing destinations.

While Geilo is often celebrated as a winter haven, overlooking its summer charm would be a mistake. Surrounded by mountain ranges and endless greenery – and offering convenient access to shopping and local culinary delights- Geilo caters to a diverse range of interests. “With two nearby national parks, a variety of activities, and easily accessible day trips, Geilo makes for a perfect and complete summer destination,” says Kevin Eikrehagen, manager at SkiGeilo.

Explore the best of Norwegian hospitality in the charming town of Geilo

Indeed, Geilo’s location makes it an excellent base for an eventful summer, with countless destinations and activities within a 1.5-hour travel radius. Furthermore, its position along the highway, between two of the country’s biggest cities, makes it an easy spot to reach, almost regardless of your starting point. “Whether we’re your final destination or just a stop, I recommend taking time to really get to know the best of the area,” Eikrehagen adds.

Explore the best of Norwegian hospitality in the charming town of Geilo

Adventure and fun in the wild

Flanked by the scenic national parks of Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda, Geilo presents visitors with limitless opportunities to explore nature, especially if you want to hike. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to dip your toes in hiking, or a group of avid adventure-seekers, there are walks and hikes for everyone.

“But there are also many other ways of seeking thrills here in the summer, both on land and in the waters. We offer activities for couples, families, and groups of all sizes, with everything from river rafting and mountain climbing to high rope course, and downhill biking,” says Eikrehagen.

Explore the best of Norwegian hospitality in the charming town of Geilo

Relaxation, culture and culinary delights

On top of being a hub for nature and adventure lovers, Geilo also caters to travellers looking to relax, shop, or indulge in local cuisine. “We have plenty of opportunities for those who wish to relax, shop, or just enjoy local food with a good view too. There are so many culinary experiences here, both in town and in the mountains,” says Eikrehagen. “Not to mention the wine bar at the top of the mountain!”

Culture and history enthusiasts will not be missing out either. At the town’s Geilojordet museum, visitors can enjoy a glimpse of the past, walk among houses on a farmyard from the 1700s, eat porridge, and experience live theatre. At the Fejko Cultural Heritage Site, you can step even further back in time and see cultural relics from both historic and prehistoric times. Home to burial mounds from the Viking area, coal pits and iron works, and an old hay barn, it is indeed a true treat for those interested in the past.

Other notable sights include the Old Hol Church, Geilo Culture Church, Dagali Museum, and the magical Huldreskogen, an outdoor art installation by Margrete Birkeland exploring the mythical “huldrefolket.” “There’s so much to do and see here, so I suggest spending at least 2-3 days if you’re visiting Geilo,” says Eikrehagen.

Explore the best of Norwegian hospitality in the charming town of Geilo

With two nearby national parks, travellers can enjoy a variety of activities when visiting Geilo.

Perfecting the art of hosting

As a tourist destination, Geilo stands out in Norway because, whereas other mountain areas are often dedicated to one season or one activity, Geilo has something for everyone. “It might be because we’ve been a tourist destination since the mid-1800s when English lords would come to fish and hunt. There are way fewer lords nowadays though, on the other hand, we host more adventurers and families,” jokes Eikrehagen.

With a legacy of more than 150 years, Geilo excels at hospitality. Over the years, they’ve developed into a complete, year-round destination, offering something to each and every traveller, regardless of interests, wants, and needs. “We’ve been hosts for a very long time, so it’s safe to say that we take the job very seriously. I’m proud that we’re such a welcoming people, and I’m proud of the area we get to show off,” Eikrehagen says and rounds off: “As we develop and expand, I’m also happy that we, as a town, prioritise becoming more sustainable. Geilo is a beautiful place, cherished by locals and tourists alike, so it’s important to us that we do everything to sustain that.”

Explore the best of Norwegian hospitality in the charming town of Geilo

At Geilojordet museum, visitors can walk among the houses of a farmyard from the 1700s.

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