Based in the Swedish capital, EY Doberman is a design agency run by a team of passionate creatives, engineers, and strategists. From scaleups to major companies in all sectors, EY Doberman helps companies create exceptional digital experiences.

Home to all kinds of beauty and creativity, Sweden holds a strong position in the global market for investments and business startups, perhaps unsurprising when considering that two of the things Scandinavia is known for are efficiency and innovation.

Taking these elements to a whole new level is EY Doberman, a Swedish design agency working to create modern, innovative business solutions for companies both nationally and internationally.



“We are creatives, engineers, and strategists and we are here to help different companies create exceptional digital experiences,” says Elin Ankerblad, CEO and co-founder of EY Doberman. “We’ve helped a major bank prototype and validate new value propositions, we’ve designed the brand and communication narrative for a health startup, and we’ve built a service and an app to help a global transportation company reinvent themselves.”

Ankerblad prides herself in the company’s passion and ability to create meaningful impact through “rebellious creativity”.

“Wowing people is serious business! That’s why I’ve been in the business of design for over 25 years, mostly within digital product and service innovation, and customer experience, both internationally and in Sweden,” she says.

“I love to create completely new, ground-breaking, world-class customer experiences, that not only streamline and effectively leverage each touchpoint with users, but more importantly also connect users to meaningful brand experiences, which work as a key market differentiator.”

EY Doberman: Technology, innovation, and creativity

“My mission is to create meaningful business impact through rebellious creativity,” says CEO and co-founder Elin Ankerblad. Photo: E.Hall

The birth of a new era for businesses

The 90s saw a booming digital economy, with the founding of companies like Google, eBay, and Yahoo. In 1998, EY Doberman was established to help brands and companies transition to this new world by combining cutting-edge design, technologies, and business capabilities.

“Since our establishment, we’ve grown into three design studios in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen, with clients all over the world,” says Ankerblad.

Moreover, the company has merged operations with the business consultants at EY to supercharge their business with expertise and global reach in order to provide the very best for their customers.

Though they have extensive strategic capabilities, and more than 2000 designers and engineers across the world, Ankerblad says it takes more than just strategy to succeed.

She notes that there are many great minds out there who can deliver relevant, clever, strategic work, but in many cases that goes no further than PowerPoint slides.

“You can’t win in business with PowerPoint slides alone,” she says. “We see a lot of great creatives out there who can craft captivating, beautiful things, but lack true customer insight and a business mindset. We know we’re different because we’ve dedicated ourselves to combining both of these two worlds.”

EY Doberman: Technology, innovation, and creativity

Nurturing creativity and the human experience

At EY Doberman, business meets creativity, meaning that the company not only delivers desirable products but also excellent customer services and experiences.

“Everything we do, and how we do it, is centred around people, not just for our customers but also for our employees,” she explains. “If we can provide a space, an approach, and a culture that nurtures and unleashes creativity within people, then we can do amazing things no matter the challenge. When people thrive, our clients thrive. For many companies, this is just a saying. For us, this is life and death.”

More than anything, the award-winning company continues to get better, encouraging employees and clients to further thrive. They credit their legacy to this hard work and passion.

“We’re very proud of maintaining our creative culture, mindset, approach, and ambition longer than most other agencies in our field. The most encouraging part is that, after 25 years, old clients still return and new clients approach.”

EY Doberman: Technology, innovation, and creativity

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Embracing the future

Following the times EY Doberman relentlessly experiments with technology. This not only allows the team to learn and develop but also inspires the company’s clients to take new leaps into the future.

Currently, the company is developing an approach to generative AI, which can be applied to a range of existing projects with clients. But though keeping up with the times is important, Ankerblad insists that there needs to be a balance. Human emotions must still be retained.

“As humans, we connect through emotions. We need to use this technology to design experiences for these emotions. We design the heart in the machine and offer products, services, and experiences to really connect with people,” she says.

Still, she encourages businesses to take a leap to stand out in the era of AI, explaining that the technological world offers a range of new solutions and experiences.

“I think many CMO’s would benefit a lot from exploring the intersection of design and technology, and the new types of experiences this can bring about. Companies that manage to embrace it all will stand out in the years to come.”

EY Doberman: Technology, innovation, and creativity

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