Trondheim-based Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå has quickly become one of Norway’s most exciting up-and-coming creative agencies. Since its launch during the pandemic, Ror has gone from strength to strength with clients in a wide range of industries.

Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå is based in central Trondheim, at the historic wharves along the Nidelva River. Their stylish office features wooden beams from the 1700s alongside modern glass fixtures – a perfect merging of old and new in one place.

Now in its third year, the communications and branding agency was founded by creative director Lisa Løseth and CEO Siv Mykland. “The pandemic was a strange time to start a business, but it gave us the space to set our own course and think deeply about what we wanted to build,” says Løseth. “We believe it’s important to think holistically about a business; the brand must have a clear identity across all channels and communications.”

Full steam ahead with Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå

Founders Lisa Løseth (Creative Director) and Siv Mykland (CEO). Photo: Lykt Foto og film

Where creativity meets strategy

Ror is an apt name for an organisation deeply committed to creative collaboration. The Norwegian word ‘ror’ refers to the helm of a boat and the act of rowing, and is often used to describe pulling together as a team for a common goal. Last year saw exciting developments as the agency welcomed a new designer Even Halle Dragsten and copywriter Andreas Ryen Eidem to the fold. “Incorporating new team members always adds a lot of fresh energy,” says Mykland. “We’ve all come from different backgrounds with unique experiences and viewpoints, which is a fantastic resource.”

Creativity is the key ingredient in Ror’s work, and they believe the best solutions come from strategic creativity. This is where the magic happens, and where they generate value for their clients in terms of a strong return on investment. “When we’re working creatively, we want to create an arena where both our team and the clients can express themselves freely and know that their ideas matter. A safe and supportive environment will help bring out the best in everyone,” Mykland says.

Ror works with clients from many fields and industries, across research, banking and finance, culture, real estate and beyond. “It’s exciting for us to enter the world of each client,” says Løseth. “Though they have a deep knowledge and understanding around the products and services they deliver, many clients are less confident in their ability to communicate their work and brand well to customers.”

Ror uses a well-developed methodology to get a bird’s-eye view of the whole organisation. “We work to establish the identity and the larger societal importance of the organisation,” Løseth says. “We try to give them a better understanding of the impact they have on the world around them. This helps us determine how we can strategically communicate with their customers to build a clear identity and brand for the business.”

Helping businesses stay the course

Building a strong brand can be challenging. According to Ror, a key aspect of communication and brand-building strategy is the conscious relationship between what you say and how you say it. “These days, people are bombarded with information, so it’s very important to be clear in your messaging. It’s key that business and communication strategies work in sync towards the same goal,” Mykland explains.

Ror recently completed a big project with Gjærevollsenteret – a centre for research, education and outreach around environmental sustainability and biodiversity. For the team, it was an interesting challenge to consider how to communicate data and research in a way that would connect with people. “It was a matter of taking information many would consider difficult to take in, and creating communications that people could understand and engage with,” Løseth says. “We believe that speaking to both the heart and the head leads to powerful communications.”

Ror used the same approach to relaunch a large comedy festival in Norway this summer. “Of course, we allow ourselves to be a bit more playful when the customer’s goal is to make people laugh. The wide range of projects is not only exciting to work with, but also means that we gain a lot of experience in different fields,” Mykland says.

With their finger on the pulse of market trends and developments in wider society, Ror are committed to delivering the best solutions for their clients. “We work strategically and plan ahead, while remaining agile in our response to changing markets and world events in general,” Løseth explains. “We see that customers are drawn to brands that are sustainable, responsible and socially aware, and have a solid reputation.”

Now in their third year, it’s full steam ahead for Ror with a range of exciting projects on the horizon. “We’ve achieved a lot of our short-term goals and built a strong client base – now we want to keep growing and building our muscles,” says Mykland.

Full steam ahead with Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå

Left: Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå interior office. Photo: Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå. Right: Trondheim’s historic Bryggerekka, home to Ror Kommunikasjonsbyrå. Photo: Mikolaj Niemczewski

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