We tend to think that bigger is better, and that growth means success. But that is not always the case. In January 2015, Morten Strand Hauge and Anette Lund launched their own communication agency and, though it is just the two of them, they are a great example of quality over quantity.

Industry insiders may recognise the name Strand & Lund. In the 1980s and 1990s there was another agency called Strand & Lund, but it changed its name in 1997. Lund and Strand Hauge’s agency is not a continuation of this, but with family and professional connections to the old company, they humbly chose to bring the old name back.
Lund and Strand Hauge have worked together since 2006 and know each other well. It is a two-person company, but their skillsets complement each other. When needed, they collaborate with others to work on both short and long-term projects. No job is too big or too small. They aim to be the preferred partner for clients who value close contact and good teamwork when developing communication services.

Strand & Lund: Bigger is not better

Website designed by Strand & Lund. Photo: Shutterstock

Quick and easy

Being a small agency has its benefits. With bigger companies there are often intermediaries that slow the process down. “There are no intermediaries between us, our work and the customers,” Morten says. “We can find solutions quickly and easily.”

Strand & Lund are very flexible with how they work and where they work. They meet with clients at Strand & Lund’s office in Oslo, at cafes, digitally or at the client’s offices. “We work with some big brands who work with larger agencies than us, where we help with some ad hoc solutions,” says Anette. “We also do a lot of in-house work for large customers such as Schibsted and FINN – spanning digital presentations and other material for internal communication such as material for kick-offs or reports.” The pair develop websites and digital solutions for and with their customers, and take care of everything from planning completely new webpages to redesigning and reprogramming existing platforms.

But it does not stop there: they also deliver in-house design work, logos, profile work, other print work and even large complex systems such as the registration and jurying system for Spellemann, Norway’s most prestigious music award.

Their mission is to offer efficient, thorough and clear processes with few, quality-conscious decision-makers along the way.

Strand & Lund: Bigger is not better

Photo: Petter-Helge Hareide

Web: www.strandlund.no

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