Imagine a place where ideas, thoughts and knowledge are tossed around the room to culminate in finished pieces of the highest standard. That is what is happens inside the Norwegian creative studio Losen Studio.

In the beautiful city of Ålesund on the west coast of Norway lies Losen studio. The studio is run by three dedicated designers who inject personality and quality into every project.

Losen studio helps businesses with strategic brand building and visual identity, taking ideas and bringing them to life. It is a small studio with over 30 years of experience in the business. In their collaborations with clients, they dive deep to find the best approach to strengthening their brand. The designers at Losen Studio wear many hats, deploying a robust toolkit of creative skills to help clients present themselves to the world.

Strengthen your brand with Losen Studio

Campaign for Fora Form, launch new products. Photo: Sveinung Bräthen

An ocean of opportunities

Building a brand identity requires a lot of planning and there are many factors to consider. Most of Losen Studio’s projects fall under brand-building, re-branding, visual design, content, web design and/or package design. In addition to the visual aspects, a good brand should be aware of their tone of voice, how they present themselves and who they talk to.

All of these areas are important, but overhauling them can feel overwhelming or even unimaginable. Luckily, the designers at Losen Studio will keep your ducks in a row, structuring the elements of the process with transparency and expertise. The three designers work closely with each client and function as a natural extension of the client’s team. They look at how the brand can differentiate itself in its market and create a communication strategy that achieves the client’s results.

Losen Studios’ portfolio varies from building a brand from scratch for a local food supplier to running a campaign for a large bank. They work with clients from diverse fields, but who all share a common goal to take their brand to the next level.

Strengthen your brand with Losen Studio

Campaign for Sparebanken Møre. Photo: Marius Beck Dale

From the heart

Guro Synes is a passionate designer with over a decade of experience in the creative field. In 2021, she decided to launch Losen Studio together with her partner and designer Agente Rønning Måseidvag. The studio grew fast; last year, they hired another designer, Ida Bergersen. Together, they account for over thirty years of experience.

Guro knows that creativity needs room to breathe and grow. That is why Losen Studios’ designers dive into new projects wholeheartedly. “It is essential for us to have great relationships with our clients. When we take on a project, we also take on the ups and downs, the challenges, and the triumphs,” Synes says.

Become a stronger brand

Project size has no bearing on the quality of the production. Synes and her team love to connect with all sorts of people and projects, all around the world.

“We work on exciting projects with clients like Nortel, which is a telecommunication company with over 80 employees, and we also work with Brennevinsgrova, a one-man distillery business. Both are equally rewarding,” she says.

Brennevinsgrova is a distillery run by a man called Harald Strømmegjerde, and is located in Sykkylven. He produces whiskey, gin and aquavit, and his work represents true craftsmanship. Losen Studio helped Brennevinsgrova to become a stronger brand by creating a website and label for the popular whisky. “Making a whisky is a long process. We are talking about years of hard work going into one bottle. Knowing this, there is nothing more we want than for him to succeed,” Synes says.

Strengthen your brand with Losen Studio

Branding whisky and web page. Photo: Kristin Stoylen

Step into the creative hub

Some brands have a product and need an identity. Others already have an identity but need help refining, launching or enhancing it. Regardless, the team at Losen Studio is able to help. “We love to create good relationships with clients and, of course, to have fun working together,” Synes says. Surrounded by beautiful nature, Losen Studio is growing, and is hiring new designers this year. Step into the creative hub and check out Losen Studios’ Instagram and website to see more.

Strengthen your brand with Losen Studio

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