With its top-notch service and central location in the Capital Region, Fairytale Beauty offers everything you could ask for from a well-equipped beauty salon: lash extensions, lash lifts, eyebrow lifts and microblading, sugar waxing, as well as plasma-pen treatments for wrinkles and fine lines. The salon has a five-star reputation with countless satisfied clients and is a must-visit in Espoo for beauty treatments of the highest quality.

After extensive training in the beauty industry and nine years of running her own business, Fairytale Beauty founder Satu Tiainen has established herself as a one-woman powerhouse in a highly competitive industry. Her most popular services by far are her eyelash extensions, lash lifts and eyebrow microblading, which she calls “cheap, non-surgical facelifts”.

Fairytale Beauty: High-quality professional beauty services in Espoo

Lash and eyebrow treatments like eyelash extensions, lash lifts and microblading have all become hugely popular beauty treatments and, as demand has increased, so has the supply. It seems new lash-bars and salons are popping up on every corner, but quality service isn’t always guaranteed.

Fairytale Beauty stands out from the crowd with its use of carefully selected, high-quality products and a wide range of possible lash styles from natural-looking to all-out glamorous, that are always tailored to individual face and eye shapes. It is also one of only a few beauty salons in the capital region to have been awarded the Lashlovers Certificate – proof of comprehensive training in eyelash extensions and a guarantee of expertise.

In addition to great results, Fairytale Beauty provides a high-level of customer service. “A visit here is a small escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Guests can vent, gossip or just be quiet and doze off to the meditative music playing in the room. It’s an easily attainable everyday luxury,” Tiainen explains.

As she spends most of her free time in the intense world of fitness competitions and gyms, Tiainen wanted to make the Fairytale Beauty space as zen as possible: “I’ve had lots of customers say that the feng shui in here is great. According to my smart watch, my resting pulse here is lower than when I am sleeping, which says a lot about the relaxing atmosphere.”

As Fairytale Beauty continues to bloom, Tiainen is looking to the future, with plans to open a second location in the beloved Costa del Sol region in the south of Spain in 2025.

Fairytale Beauty: High-quality professional beauty services in Espoo

Web: www.fairytalebeauty.fi
Instagram: @fairytale_espoo
Facebook: fairytaletapiola

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