R enting out your second home is one of the original elements of the sharing economy, a phenomenon that’s been around for decades. It is something that has always been particularly popular in Denmark, but also something that has largely been taken over by big international companies. FeriehusDirect is trying to change that, providing fair house sharing for both the renter and the owner.

“After many years in the industry, I realised something just wasn’t working and that the big rental companies had all the power, so I set up FeriehusDirect in 2014 as a kind of holiday home rental 2.0,” explains Kim Juhlin, CEO at FeriehusDirect. Since then, it has experienced a huge level of growth and now represent over 400 homeowners across Denmark and Sweden, renting out hundreds of houses every year.

Ease of use

What FeriehusDirect has chosen to focus on is making it easy for everyone involved. For the homeowner, FeriehusDirect organises everything from cleaning and getting the home ready before and after each visit, also guiding the guests to the key boxes that are fitted on every house. It also helps the guests to read the electricity meters and even helps homeowners get the correct tax deduction, which comes with renting out your home in Denmark through an agency.

For renters, the process is made easy through clear instructions as well as the fact that you are not required to turn up to an office at a certain time, but can arrive and leave in your own time. The price also includes a deposit, which means that there is no need to worry in case something happens to the house. The deposit is also used to pay for the electricity, water and gas use, which means the guests only pay for what they use.

FeriehusDirect has professional cleaning teams that check all the houses prior to guests arriving, guaranteeing a high level of cleanliness at all times. It uses small, local cleaning companies and promises to pay a fair wage.

“It should be easy for people to rent homes. You’re going on holidays, and you want there to be no bumps in the road, and that’s what we try to ensure every time. By optimising the process in the way we have done, we’ve made sure that the process is easy for everyone involved,” says Juhlin.

FeriehusDirect | Fair holiday home rental | Scan Magazine

Economical and sustainable

Thanks to the fact that FeriehusDirect has very low agency fees and no local offices, and has optimised the process of renting, the houses that it offers are cheaper than the typical market rate. “There are usually two or three weeks during the summer when there is more demand than there is supply, but the rest of the year there are definitely more houses. The houses we’re in charge of tend to be rented out throughout the year, because people don’t just use them for summer.”

The houses can be booked far in advance or a day before, and there are usually weekend offers and last-minute offers on the website, as well, for those looking for a spontaneous bargain weekend away. All the houses are quality-checked before being put on the website, ensuring that there is plenty of space, good beds and facilities, as well as lots of photos so that the renter knows what they are booking.

“House sharing like this is one of the most sustainable ways to go on holidays. You’re usually not going far, so there’s little transport impact, and you’re making the most of your local environment while just using something that is already here, more than you otherwise would. When you book, you can also choose to pay 20DKK extra in order to plant a tree with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, in order to off-set your climate impact on your holiday,” says Juhlin.

Going on an adventure

FeriehusDirect makes it easy and simple to book a holiday home or rent out your second home. The fair system has made it popular with all its clients, providing a clear contrast to other house rental agencies. “Most of the other agencies are foreign-owned and far away from what’s actually going on. We’ve got contacts in all our areas, who can be there in case something happens,” Juhlin explains.

Whether it is a family holiday, a romantic weekend away or just a chance to get a breath of fresh air, FeriehusDirect makes it easy to go on an adventure. The houses are of high quality, clean and easy to rent, and they are always fair to all parties involved. It is a great way to explore new areas and regions and to get away without having to dig deep into your pockets.

FeriehusDirect | Fair holiday home rental | Scan Magazine

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