Defined by the brand’s commitment to style, simplicity, and quality, Filippa K’s elevated wardrobe staples embody effortless sophistication. With Anna Teurnell as its new creative lead, the brand has embarked on a journey of redefining contemporary luxury while staying true to its Scandinavian heritage and promoting mindful consumption.

Since its foundation by the celebrated Swedish designer Filippa Knutsson in 1993, along with Patrik Kihlborg and Karin Hellners, Filippa K has embodied a design philosophy rooted in Scandinavian minimalism. For three decades, this philosophy has guided the brand in a celebration of the beauty of simplicity: reducing a garment to its essence to focus on the silhouette, materials, and finishings.

Filippa K - celebrating the timeless beauty of simplicity

Through the years, a defining feature of the brand has been its work to redefine fashion with its reliable capsule wardrobe approach. Seamlessly transitioning from work to leisure to evening, Filippa K’s collections have become loved by a global customer base looking for an understated yet sophisticated approach to dressing well.

Today, drawing inspiration from Swedish culture and nature, the brand is building on to its core values with a mission to promote mindful consumption. The key is long-lasting and versatile pieces that customers can wear and love for years and that stay relevant as they pass them on to friends or across generations.

Filippa K - celebrating the timeless beauty of simplicity

Photo: Frida-My

New Creative Lead

February this year, Filippa K unveiled Anna Teurnell as its new creative lead, signalling a bold step towards shaping the brand’s future. With a distinguished background as the founder and creative director of Teurn Studios, Teurnell brings a wealth of creative expertise and a deep understanding of contemporary luxury. “I see amazing potential in Filippa K, both globally and locally. Working closely with the teams, my priority will be to define and develop the brand’s next generation of iconic products,” says Teurnell.

Filippa K - celebrating the timeless beauty of simplicity

Less, but better, is more

As a brand, Filippa K advocates for owning fewer, yet better, pieces – a mantra that resonates with many modern consumers seeking to cultivate a mindful lifestyle through timeless designs, quality, and versatility.

To further foster a sustainable approach Filippa K works with five pillars: traceability & transparency, materials & innovation, circularity, environmental impact, and social responsibility. The company takes a holistic approach by involving employees across its organisation in reaching its goals, working towards caring for our planet and its people.

Some of the brand’s efforts include improving fiber traceability, increasing the use of certified and recycled materials, and measuring their environmental impact with the aim of reducing it each year. Moreover, Filippa K works consistently to ensure that the people within its supply chain are treated well by fostering equal and long-term relationships with suppliers – the company’s average supplier partnership is seven years, with some as long as 20+ years.

Filippa K - celebrating the timeless beauty of simplicity

Photo: Timothy Schamburg

Spring/Summer Collection

This year’s spring/summer collection encapsulates the essence of Filippa K’s evolution, blending archival classics with modern interpretations. Archival striped fabrics, denim silhouettes and rolled-edge detailing are re-editioned for the modern wardrobe, juxtaposed by metallic and vinyl-like materials that underline the house’s evolution.

Drawing inspiration from the warm Scandinavian summer light, the collection features enzyme washes, overdyes and bleach treatments that create a neutral palette, evoking a sense of time passed and Scandinavian heritage.

Meanwhile, the brand’s enduring capsule approach manifests in a foundation of familiar staples – trench coats, classic shirts, and relaxed trousers, for example. Each piece exudes understated sophistication, inviting consumers to embrace the beauty of simplicity in their everyday wardrobe.

There can be no doubt that Filippa K continues to redefine luxury fashion, inspiring consumers to embrace a lifestyle of effortless sophistication and mindful consumption.

Filippa K - celebrating the timeless beauty of simplicity

Photo: Filippa K

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