Escape to the north of Norway, where Følvika Northern Retreat’s igloos offer a chance to breathe clean, fresh air and unwind in beautiful, natural surroundings. With private first-row seats to the northern lights, as well as the midnight sun in the summer, you can experience a full, yet comfortable immersion in nature.

Many see the summer holiday as the perfect time to exchange the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a bit of relaxation and quiet time, but, unfortunately, it rarely plays out that way. Other than the stress of planning the getaway itself, the tourist-packed faraway islands and cities people often look to for an escape might further dampen the mood.

Find serenity in the nature haven of Følvika Northern Retreat

However, if you’re looking for a setup that will foster true relaxation, you needn’t look further than the island of Sandhornøya in Northern Norway, just above the Arctic Circle. Here, the local couple, Lill Hilde and Ola Kaldager, have established the perfect escape.

“Our plexiglass igloos have a full view of all of the surroundings, with the ocean ahead and the forest behind. Positioned in a way where the terrain doesn’t feel intruding, guests can, from the warm, cosy safety of the igloos, enjoy all sights, regardless of the weather,” says Lill Hilde.

Find serenity in the nature haven of Følvika Northern Retreat

“Personally, I prefer to be in the igloo when the weather is bad. There is something so magical about it,” she adds.

She explains that she established Følvika Northern Retreat as a part of her wish to offer local overnight stays and experiences to guests from all over, showing off Gildeskål Municipality and the island’s undiscovered potential.

“We put up the first igloo right before the pandemic came, and the other one a year later. It turned out the concept was very Covid-friendly, and we initially had a lot of visitors from the region. Nowadays, we have visitors from all over, but particularly international guests who chase northern lights,” she says.

Find serenity in the nature haven of Følvika Northern Retreat

Photo: Thor-Andre Knutsen

And Miss Aurora Borealis does not disappoint. From the igloos, guests may experience a range of different unique natural phenomena, depending on the season. Untouched by air pollution, the clear sky above Følvika offers everything from those dancing, green lights and a clear, starry sky, to the magical summer midnight sun and the many colours of the morning hours. If you’re lucky, some wild friends might even join you! Other guests report observations of sea eagles, moose, reindeer, otters, and foxes.

“It’s a good way to immerse yourself in nature, but in a comfortable way,” explains Lill Hilde.

Sandhornøya also has plenty of opportunities to escape more actively into nature, and Lill Hilde encourages guests to explore the beaches and the Sandhornet mountain nearby.

Find serenity in the nature haven of Følvika Northern Retreat

Photo: Mindaugas Karalius

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