F rederiksberg Centret is the most award-winning shopping centre in Denmark, well known for its fashion and design and located in the marvellous municipality of Frederiksberg.

It is often referred to as the green city within the city. For some people, Frederiksberg might just be a part of Copenhagen, but the fact is that it has its own municipality and is very much an independent town. And right in the middle of this town, in what is northern Europe’s most densely populated area, right next to the former Frederiksberg railway station, you will find Frederiksberg Centret, also known as FRB.C Shopping.

The shopping centre has 90 shops across three floors, where you can find everything your heart desires, including a chocolate boutique serving as a Purveyor to Her Majesty. You can get inspired by the latest trends, whether you are passionate about lifestyle, home decor, sports, outdoor activities or, in particular, fashion and design. In fact, almost 50 per cent of the shops in FRB.C Shopping are fashion stores, and there is an entire floor just for fashion.

Many of the shops are well-known Danish brands, as Danish and Scandinavian design is a cornerstone at FRB.C Shopping – not just in terms of the composition of shops, but also in the architectural look of the shopping centre itself, which is just one of the reasons why FRB.C Shopping has won several awards throughout the years, including a prize in the category Design & Development at the prestigious award show VIVA Best-of-the-Best-Award in Las Vegas – the first Nordic shopping centre ever to win such an award.

The interior design of FRB.C Shopping is also very different from other shopping centres. The common areas allow you to relax and take a break in peaceful surroundings, and there is a baby lounge with panoramic views facing Solbjerg Square, which makes the shopping centre ideal for families as well.

FRB.C Shopping has also won prices for its sustainability as well as its service, won Best Shopping Centre in both Denmark and the Nordic countries, and is the most award-winning shopping centre in all of Denmark.

Frederiksberg – the destination

Other than its mix of shops, the geographical location also makes the shopping centre worth a visit. It is easily accessible from both the airport and the central train station, with buses and the metro stopping right in front of the centre. Inside the shopping centre you will find a tourist information point, where you can purchase a Copenhagen Card, which allows you to use public transport and visit museums in the capital. FRB.C Shopping also boasts plenty of restaurants and cafés, where you can be guaranteed a rich dining experience.

The town of Frederiksberg itself is worth seeing too, as it offers everything you might need. For instance, the famous Frederiksberg Palace – which used to be the summer residence for the royal family back in the days – with its picturesque garden where you can enjoy a lovely stroll, is one of the reasons why Frederiksberg is described as the green city within the city.

Frederiksberg has a long and rich history with plenty of old, historical buildings, including the former railway station and Frederiksberg Church, which gives the town a rather unique look and separates it from Copenhagen. It is only a few stops on the metro from the centre of Copenhagen, but its rural areas, its recreational zones, Frederiksberg Avenue and the many green parks all over the town make you feel like you are much further away from the city, and it leaves you with a feeling of relaxation.

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