Sweden has the largest moose population per capita in the world, so there’s no wonder this mighty animal has become a symbol of Sweden and the north. Commonly called ‘The Kings of the Forest’, they roam almost the entire country.

That said, it’s uncommon to bump into a moose in your everyday life. Instead, you have to turn to the top experts to get close to this marvellous animal – an expert such as The Moose Man. Leif Lindh, known as Leffe or ‘The Moose Man’, runs Gårdsjö Älgpark, located just 1.5 hours outside Stockholm.

Here, he welcomes visitors to meet his 13 moose and hosts intimate moose safaris where the animals come up to the carriages to be petted and fed. Additionally, Leffe will let you in on all the secrets. “Every moose has a different personality: some love attention while others are shy,” explains Leffe, who opened the park in 2007 with his wife Ilona.

Gårdsjö Älgpark: Meet the ‘Moose Man’

Moose guarantee

The park is open from May until December. “If you want to see calves, you should visit in May or early June, if you want to see bull moose with giant horns, come in August. There is a moose guarantee in this park, so it’s up to you what you are curious about,” laughs Leffe. But before you decide to meet the moose man and his moose – make sure you visit the website to book your spot. “We are often fully booked, which is lovely!” enthuses Leffe.

Gårdsjö Älgpark: Meet the ‘Moose Man’

Web: www.gardsjoalgpark.se
Instagram: @algmannen
Facebook: Gårdsjö Älgpark
YouTube: @algmannen

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