In the small fishing town of Húsavik in Iceland, you’ll find Geosea – thermal baths with a mind-blowing view. The unique mix of water from two different drill holes is naturally hot with a steady temperature of 38 degrees, mineral-rich, and has skin-healing properties. The baths have been used by locals for years and enjoy a majestic and peaceful view over Skjálfandi bay and the arctic circle. Today, Geosea hosts guests from all over the world; holidaymakers, loving couples on their honeymoon, and hikers relaxing after an eventful day.

Húsavik is renowned as the best place for whale watching in Europe. If you’ve ever wanted to witness whales in all of their tremendous glory or have a unique nature experience, this is the place to visit.

“A perfect day in Húsavik is to go whale watching during the day, have a lovely meal in town, and then come to us at Geosea to relax and enjoy the magical summer sunset,” says Ármann Örn Gunnlaugsson, CEO at Geosea.

Geosea also offers bookings of the entire bath, with the possibility to host inmate events, smaller concerts, or bigger gatherings. The bath has a bar and you can enjoy champagne as well as other drinks while you bathe. Visiting Húsavik, which features in the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga with Will Ferell, is a must for anyone looking for a lifelong memory.

Geosea: Healing thermal baths with a view

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