With earthy tones and vintage finds, we are loving this homely living-room by Danish Cecilie Kovsted, who shares snippets of her interior universe on Instagram. It’s the perfect look for a cosy, autumnal space, don’t you think? We share some tips on how to recreate this Scandinavian look with some current design items.

1. (MADE, ‘Elvi’ sofa)

Cecilie’s sofa is from the Danish brand Sofacompany. If you are after a similar style, the Elvi sofa from MADE is great. With soft seats and traditional button-back details that complement the high back and armrests, it will keep you feeling snug and supported. And if you have guests over, it folds down into a bed in minutes, thanks to a simple click-clack mechanism. Functional and decorative all at once!
MADE, ‘Elvi’ sofa, €399


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

2. (LYFA, ‘Divan 2’ ceiling lamp)

Adding the perfect vintage look, the LYFA’s Divan 2 is a stunning pendant lamp designed by Simon P. Henningsen in 1962, consisting of overlapping brass trapezoids carefully assembled one by one. It not only provides soft, indirect lighting, but also looks incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
LYFA, ‘Divan 2’ ceiling lamp, €728

3. (HAY, ‘Martin’ table lamp)

The table lamp in Cecilie’s home is a gorgeous vintage find, but if you want something similar, the Matin table lamp from HAY makes a great alternative. With a contemporary yet poetic design, it consists of a steel wire bent frame finished in polished brass with matte black hardware, and is paired with a pleated cotton shade available in a variety of vibrant colours.
HAY, ‘Martin’ table lamp, €199


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

4. (&Tradition, ‘In Between’ lounge table)

The vintage-style coffee table in Cecilie’s home is from Jysk but no longer available, but the In Between lounge table from &Tradition is a great alternative if you want to achieve a similar look. A result of designer Sami Kallio’s love for Scandinavian heritage and woodwork, the In Between table is made with traditional techniques out of strong and characterful oak wood.
&Tradition, ‘In Between’ lounge table, £607


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

5. (Trendcarpet, ‘Morocco’ rug)

A graphic rug can be a great statement piece in any room, and helps to define the style. This Morocco rug in black and white provides balance to the neutral tones in the home, and complements the graphic artwork on the wall perfectly.
Trendcarpet, ‘Morocco’ rug, €94.99


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

6. (Jotun Lady, ‘Impression 12125’ wall paint)

A key feature in Cecilie’s living space is the wall colour, Impression 12125 by Jotun Lady. This is a golden brown tone, which is warm and works well together with the variety of other brown shades and wood accents. It also makes the wall art pop, and helps to set a retro tone.
Jotun Lady, ‘Impression 12125’ wall paint


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021


7. (Gallery wall)

Creating a gallery wall with a selection of wall art you love is an excellent way to add personality to your space. Cecilie has curated a great, minimal wall full of interesting artwork in different sizes, and with different frames, making it the perfect fit for her Scandinavian home with a vintage touch.

1. ‘Obejct 01’ by TPC x Bycdesign Studio, Poster & Frame, 70x100cm, €137.95
2. ‘Perfect Imperfection – No. 3’ by Mille Henriksen x Danica Chloe, Poster & Frame, 30x40cm, €48.95
3. ‘Intuition Collection 03’ by Rune Elmegaard, Poster & Frame, 70x100cm, €104.95
4. Matisse Lithographie poster, Postery, 50x70cm, £24.95
5. ‘Carl Newman 03’ by Arch Atelier, Poster & Frame, 30x40cm, €26.95


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

8. (Marimekko, ‘Umpu’ vase)

The Umpu vase from Marimekko has a beautiful, flowing ovoid form and retro style, which fit perfectly in this setting. The long, narrow neck is ideal for supporting both bouquets and single-cut flowers. Place the vase on the coffee table with your favourite colourful flowers inside for a stylish display.
Marimekko, ‘Umpu’ vase, €121


9. (Cushions)

Soft accents and warm tones – choose a selection of cushion covers in orange and brown shades to complement the wall colour and light wooden features in the room. For a nostalgic look like this one, go for velvet textures of luxurious quality that enhance the cosiness.
1. ‘True’ cushion, Ferm Living, €55
2. ‘Velv’ cushion, House Doctor, €34
3. ‘Galore’ cushion, Warm Nordic, €189.00
4. ‘Sanela’ cushion, IKEA, different sizes and prices


Get the Scandi Look: November 2021

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