Glerups is celebrating 30 years since they made their first pair of slippers. To mark this anniversary, three exciting new colours are being developed and added to their already extensive collection of indoor slip-ons, shoes and boots.

Inspired by the nature surrounding their Danish head offices in Aars – a hamlet just outside Aalborg – the new colours Sand, White and North Sea reflect the fields, trees and sea surrounding this picturesque area. Developing new shoes doesn’t happen overnight; great care is taken to ensure the high quality that glerups’ customers are familiar with. Producing a shoe that works in harmony with nature takes time, time that glerups are happy to spend. Get ready: the new range will be available in September 2023.

glerups: celebrating 30 years of original quality

Easy to pack, easy to carry.

A little history

The original pair of glerups was a pair of felt slippers made by Nanny for her husband. She had no intention of starting a business, simply of showing her love for the man she married. But as word spread, she soon began making slippers for family and friends, and from there the idea grew. Thirty years later, the farm where Nanny first began producing these beloved house shoes is the home of glerups’ head offices.

glerups: celebrating 30 years of original quality

Relax and enjoy.

glerups‘ top-quality pure wool mix confers a feeling of comfort and luxury that nurtures your feet, no matter the weather or situation. The choice of either natural rubber or leather soles is especially popular with travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. From the serenity of sticking your feet into a pair of glerups on long-haul flights, to relaxing by the campfire after a day in the wild, the satisfaction that of wearing glerups make them an undeniably worthwhile investment. Plus, they are easy to carry – just pop them in your luggage.

glerups: celebrating 30 years of original quality

Boot in new North Sea colour.

The glerups principles

For the eco-conscious traveller, glerups is an easy choice. Christina Flindt Bjerg Albæk, head of marketing, speaks proudly of their Zero Waste Project. Here, leftover felt and leather that cannot be fed back into the production of the glerups shoes is used to develop other products. One of their collaborators, Lübech Living, design items for the home while glerups produce the final products.

glerups: celebrating 30 years of original quality

Comfort after a day in the wild.

Their ethics involve treating animals, nature and people with respect, demonstrating that glerups are focused on giving back to nature and nurturing the environment. Once you try them, they’ll stay with you for life. What more could one want from a pair of shoes?

glerups: celebrating 30 years of original quality

Left: Celebrating 30 years with new colours. Right: Christina Flindt Bjerg Albæk, Head of Marketing, Communication and Commercial Activities.

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