Sitting on a plane or train with your shoes fitting uncomfortably tight on your feet is a problem that many travellers have to battle. The cause is often a matter of style over comfort. After all, we want to look our best in any given situation.

Listening to Christina Flindt Bjerg Albæk, head of marketing at glerups, talk about the three models of stylish yet comfortable indoor glerups shoes, it becomes evident that style and comfort are no longer mutually exclusive.

Christina explains that their shoes, slip-ons and boots are made from a mix of high-quality wool from sheep in New Zealand and Gotland sheep in Denmark. These shoes are lightweight and breathable – neatly crafted with care and consideration for the sheep and the environment in which they live.

glerups: comfort for your feet, wherever you travel

Ove and the sheep.

A craft hobby turned family business

In the 1970s, the founder of the company, Nanny Glerup, was encouraged to enroll on a felting course. The result was a pair of slippers for her husband, which he found so comfortable, he wore them everywhere.

The slippers caught the attention of family and friends, and soon she was making two pairs per day. After buying an old farm in 1985, the couple were able to upgrade their hobby into a small-scale production. Even though this family business has seen new management, its focus on a respect for animals, nature and people has not changed.

With many colours available, glerups are now making 500,000 pairs per year – and demand is growing. Yet, they take time to listen to the feedback from their customers.

glerups: comfort for your feet, wherever you travel

Relaxing by the campfire.

For all terrains

Initially, the range was made with simple leather soles. When outdoor enthusiasts suggested a version that could be worn outside, glerups got to work. Staying with their principle of using only natural materials, they decided on a natural rubber sole. Being more durable than leather, it’s ideal for light outdoor use, relaxing by a campfire, or enjoying a sunset on the beach, and is available in all three models.

glerups: comfort for your feet, wherever you travel

At home anywhere.

When much love goes into a hobby, it is truly amazing what can be achieved. As Christina says: “today, glerups addicts all over the world get their daily fix of 100 per cent pure, natural wool that is crafted with love and care from the sheep to the foot. When something is made with love, anyone can feel it.”

glerups: comfort for your feet, wherever you travel

Christina Flindt Bjerg Albæk, Head of Marketing at glerups.

Instagram: @glerups_official
Facebook: glerups
Youtube: glerups_official

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