Gold of Sweden is a young company with old traditions, rooted in three generations of goldsmiths, the youngest of whom decided to open a new business for a wider audience. An online shop with wedding and engagement rings was launched in the summer of 2019, offering exclusive collections with the chance to tailor every detail to your specific taste.

The story began in Borås, Sweden, when the grandfather of Johan Odén founded Guldsmedjan, a goldsmith that is still today a renowned business in the town. Odén followed in the footsteps of his forefathers, and after getting a lot of positive feedback he decided to launch a new venture together with Hanna Waldenström and Jenny Odén. “My customers made me think about launching an online business; they encouraged me to expand to an audience beyond the local community,” Odén says. They decided to cut out middle men altogether, selling directly to the customers and focusing on the web shop to enhance the customer experience, also enabling them to offer lower prices on their collections. A close connection is still preserved with Guldsmedjan, where production takes place and collections can be viewed in person.

Gold of Sweden: Sustainable diamond rings made for you – and made to last

Two collections have been released so far, and the next two will include signet and gemstone rings. Gold of Sweden is, as far as they know, the only online jeweller to offer Swedish-made 18-carat gold rings with both lab-grown and natural diamonds. A lab-grown diamond has the exact same shape, chemical structure and qualities as a natural diamond, but is grown in a lab during a four-week period, thereby decreasing the pressure on the Earth’s natural resources. Taking pride in their focus on sustainability, Gold of Sweden wishes to be a leader in the industry for conscious choices. “We only use recycled gold – you can even send us your own gold for your creations – and all of our production takes place in Sweden, by skilled craftsmen. Our rings are made to last for generations,” Waldenström says.

Gold of Sweden: Sustainable diamond rings made for you – and made to last

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, Gold of Sweden also provides the chance to design your own, by making amendments to existing rings or by starting from scratch. With traditions inherited through generations, in combination with modern technology, Gold of Sweden will help you create the ring of your dreams – carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen.

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