Based in Trondheim, Norway, Golightly was established in 2021 as an homage to the timeless fashionista of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly, and seeks to create and encourage slow fashion through long-lasting, high-quality designs.

Golightly is an independent fashion brand and homage to Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) main character, Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn. Like its namesake, timeless fashion is an important part of Golightly’s designs and goals.

Owner and designer at Golightly, Elin Fjeldseth, explains that in addition to designing and creating timeless fashion, Golightly values passion and quality in everything they do.

“When we design something, profit is not what we think of. The important thing to us is that the clothes look and feel just as great and that when the customer tries it, it fits in all the right places,” Fjeldseth says.

“Creating clothes that fit different shapes and sizes is an art that takes time to develop, but when we receive messages from customers who have finally found the perfect-fitting dream dress in a Golightly product, long nights and work days vanish from my mind.”

Many customers often pop by the brand’s showroom in Trondheim to try the clothes on.

“Some stand there with tears in their eyes, weeping because they finally feel as beautiful as they really are. Those are magical moments to us,” she smiles.

Golightly: A Norwegian fashion fairytale

Golightly’s collection is designed to inspire joy and confidence in the women who wear it.

The adventure of a lifetime

Fjeldseth explains that her fashion fairytale began early in childhood – the first day of school. Her grandmother had knitted her a sweater.

“It was white with a pattern in a stunning colour I had never seen before. People around me called it pink, and I’d never seen anything more beautiful,” she says, explaining that those born in the 70s or earlier might remember that clothes were mostly in brown, green, navy or earthy tones. When pastels and softer colours finally reached Norway’s shores in the 80s, Fjeldseth became enthralled.

“My initial meeting with this pink and white knitted sweater allowed me to see clothes as something beyond useful – as something beautiful. The interest was sparked immediately,” she explains.

Fjeldseth has always loved creating, so the sewing machine quickly became one of her best friends. She’s thankful her parents supported and encouraged her creativity, noting that her mother was happy to share her fabrics so Fjeldseth and her siblings could explore a whole new passion.

“To create good products, you need knowledge. In addition to knowledge, love for the craft certainly helps, and it was essentially what drove me to start Golightly,” she says. “I always knew I wanted to make clothes for a living. Because it requires that you give 200 per cent of yourself, a burning passion is necessary.”

Since its establishment, Golightly’s team has transcended beyond anything they could imagine. Today, Golightly has several employees and around fourty retailers across the country. Their website has put them on the map, and the brand is expanding across the European continent from next autumn on.

“We’ve had a lot of inquiries and demand from other European countries, and we feel ready and mature enough to take the next step,” she says.

Quality, confidence and care

As everyone knows, the fashion industry is an environmental villain, with fast-fashion brands doing the most damage. Golightly wants to be a positive alternative to this, allowing people guilt-free, high-quality and long-lasting products.

“I’m very proud of who we’ve become. As people continue to get to know us, we’re becoming more and more established on the market. It’s therefore important to us that we continue going forward with both quality and environment in mind, as both go hand in hand.

With over three decades in the fashion industry, Fjeldseth continues to be driven by the confidence Golightly’s clothes inspire in customers.

“I’ve been in all parts of the fashion industry, starting as a shop assistant and then manager. I’ve also run my own store and worked within marketing. Now, I design, import, and sell my products, which is only really the last steps of my fashion fairytale.”

“I’m also very happy that many people find beauty in what I create, and it’s truly an honour that people want to wear my designs.”

Golightly: A Norwegian fashion fairytale

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