With over 100 years of biodiversity, balance and beauty, Gothenburg Botanical Garden is close to nature but in the heart of the city. A place of true beauty, this green oasis is also an educational hotspot, showcasing collections of vulnerable species that will ultimately help restore future ecosystems.

Botanical gardens are different from ‘standard’ gardens as they have documented collections of living plants for research, preservation and educational purposes. And as the natural habitats for plants change, botanical gardens are becoming more and more important all over the world to help protect endangered species. “Our job is simply to preserve, educate and research the diversity of the plant world,” says Anna Mighetto, head of communication.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden: Restoring the future of plants

Photo: Eva S.Andersson

This spring and summer, visitors can, among other things, look forward to an abundance of flowering bulb plants. In fact, this garden has one of the world’s greatest collections of bulbs and tubers and has been home to the alpine onion since the 1920s. Visitors are also sure to enjoy the newly opened Alpine House, the garden’s latest glasshouse, which perfectly embodies the overall mission of the institution itself.

With a huge playing field of 185 acres, Gothenburg Botanical Garden boasts 20,000 plant species and hybrids from over 130 countries – one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe. Add Rock Garden, a spectacular waterfall, a lush herb garden, a calming Japanese valley and a multifaceted programme of events and exhibitions to this, and you will see why botany and horticulture enthusiasts leave full of praise.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden: Restoring the future of plants

“People come here to enjoy plants from all corners of the earth in beautifully composed sections,” says Mighetto. “As it stands, we have over 600,000 visitors to the garden every year.” However, it’s not all about pretty views and serene surroundings; over the years, the garden has become an important supporting body to scientific research.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden also plays an important educational role as a place for children to learn about nature and how to respect it. Even more glasshouses are in the works, which will help present the world’s fascinating biodiversity to future generations. And with so much botanical brilliance to offer, Gothenburg Botanical Garden is a great summer destination for adults and kids alike – come rain or shine.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden: Restoring the future of plants

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