The airport is where the journey begins. In a fast-paced world of air travel, welcoming seating areas play a key role, giving people the chance to relax, unwind and enjoy the experience.

Green Furniture Concept is setting new standards for airports and public spaces around the world by creating sustainable, human-centred and comfortable waiting areas with tailored, modular seating solutions. The design concept is called ‘placemaking design’ and furniture is a vital aspect in achieving architectural impact, improving passenger satisfaction, and boosting the retail experience – ultimately making public spaces such as airports thrive.

“As passenger confidence has taken a major hit during the pandemic, our primary focus is to regain that confidence by creating comfortable places where passengers can feel safe again,” says Adele Kamel, marketing director of Green Furniture Concept. “Airports shouldn’t be places you just pass through. It’s where the journey begins and should therefore set the standard from the start.”

Green Furniture Concept: Rethinking the airport as a destination

Thriving transport hubs with inclusive design

Green Furniture Concept reimagines public spaces and elevates waiting areas, creates a green oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle, connects people and boosts retail opportunities. The concept can be seen in airports, shopping malls and train stations, such as Stockholm Central Station, London Victoria Station and Dubai Airport.

The Autumn 2018 National Rail Passenger Survey in the UK showed just 36 per cent passenger satisfaction at London Bridge Station. By working with the architecture of the building, bringing nature inside, and using the warmth and natural feeling of the shape of wood, Green Furniture Concept managed to increase the passenger satisfaction at the busy station to a whopping 80 per cent.

”With inclusive design, natural materials and greenery, we create welcoming spaces that meet the needs of all passengers,” says Kamel. “People should feel at ease, be able to sit down together or keep distance if they want, relax and have a coffee or a snack, charge their phone, and so on. By increasing the wellbeing of passengers and providing a seamless experience, we see that people actually come to the airport earlier, stay longer in the waiting area, and also spend more money. The added value is much more than the actual seating.”

Green Furniture Concept: Rethinking the airport as a destination

Green Furniture Concept: Rethinking the airport as a destination

A comfortable experience from check-in to gate

Edinburgh Airport in Scotland chose Green Furniture for high seating density, and the number of seats on the same footprint increased by 44 per cent. Design was also important and passenger satisfaction in the waiting area increased from 52 to 81 per cent. “Edinburgh Airport liked our design and wanted to see how it could influence the passengers. Seeing a satisfaction increase in this proportion was a great joy!” says Johan Berhin, designer and founder at Green Furniture Concept.

Keflavik International Airport in Iceland has also incorporated seating from Green Furniture Concept. In a space through which five million people pass every year, the design slows down the pace and gives passengers a natural place to stop and relax. “Iceland is a top destination for nature lovers,” says Berhin. “We designed seating with contours inspired by waves to represent Iceland’s coast, hilly landscapes and lagoons. Not only did the seating areas bring impressions from nature indoors, but they also made spending time in the terminal a memorable part of the trip.”

Hobart Airport in Tasmania, New Zealand has also transformed its departures lounge into an inviting area where travellers can slow down, sit back and relax. Seamless placemaking public seating and lighting can transform small and large-scale spaces, by adapting to the surroundings with flexible shapes and colours. A project like this leads to an increased passenger capacity, passenger satisfaction and an improved sense of place.

IoT is taking airports to new heights

What Green Furniture Concept offers is a timeless, flexible design with circular materials that can be easily touched up or reused. The placemaking solution can also make waiting areas smarter by integrating seamlessly embedded IoT systems into seating, so that passengers can sit down to recharge their devices or connect with others. “IoT placemaking has great potential in seating area designs, making digital technologies meaningful and accessible,” concludes Kame. “It’s part of a safe and seamless journey.”

Green Furniture Concept: Rethinking the airport as a destination

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