Sustainable wooden houses in no time


Green House has many years of experience in building sustainable wooden houses. They make a virtue out of being flexible, using high-quality yet affordable material, and building the houses in just a few weeks.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a house you can use throughout the entire year, Green House has several solutions that will fit your needs. In fact, you can either choose a standard model or bring your own ideas and drawings if you want to build the house yourself.

“Flexibility is a keyword for both our customers and us. Some prefer our standard model houses, while others prefer to be more involved in the design and selection of materials. We do both, and we help and guide you all the way through the process, no matter which solution you prefer. Sometimes, when building a house, you don’t have much of a say in how it should be, but with us, you can be as involved as you want. After all, it’s your house, so it only makes sense that you have something to say in the process,” says Niels Svendsen, manufacturer at Green House.

The wooden houses are produced at Green House’s own factory in Arden in the north of Denmark, to guarantee the quality of the materials. The wood comes from Sweden and is from either pine trees or fir trees. The glass for the windows makes them perfectly energy efficient.

“We only use Nordic types of wood. Our material is among the finest you can get, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over-priced. It is very sustainable compared to iron or concrete, so there is almost no maintenance at all once the house is done. If you give it the right treatment and the right paint, your house can last for many years without you having to worry about reparations,” says Svendsen.

Ready with a house in just a few weeks

It is not only the outside of the house that benefits from the sustainable material. The wood and the energy-efficient windows create an indoor climate without humidity, and which keeps the heat in. So not only is the house affordable; it also helps you save a lot of money on your bills.

Another advantage of choosing Green House to build your future home is the amount of time it takes from the moment they initiate their work until the house itself is finished. “Depending on what type of house we are building, we can have the outside part ready in about three weeks,” says Svendsen. “Then you can finish the work inside at a pace that suits you, and you can order the material as you need it. We know that many of our customers need a house right away, so the time aspect is very important.”

Green House builds upwards of 50 houses a year, where the majority are houses you can use throughout the entire year. The company is located in Denmark but also builds houses in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Greenland.

Building opportunities:

Build it yourself

Prior to the first construction site delivery, a folder, containing the drawing materials and instructions, is sent out to you. In addition, Green House offers a construction meeting where they review the project together with the client.

With the build-it-yourself solution, the complete kit is delivered at the agreed time and place. The materials are divided into three deliveries in order to avoid you having to move the material around before you actually need it.

Build it together

This solution is for those who might have some DIY spirit, but never really attempted a build before. A complete construction kit is provided at the agreed time and place, but Green House’s experienced workers will assemble the outside part for you, while you take care of the inside at a pace that suits you.

Green House has over 20 years of experience of building sustainable wooden houses. All the houses are produced at their own factory, where they have complete control over quality assurance.

Green House builds houses that can be used all year long, as well as holiday homes, and you can choose how much you want to be involved in the design and construction of the house.


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