Breaking point between contrasts


The mission of the jewellery and watch designer Paula Hagerskans is simply to create works of jewellery art.

Sweden-based Hagerskans Jewellery was founded by designer Paula Hagerskans around ten years ago. Her style can best be described as evocative yet organic and with details not seen anywhere else before; the designs are like innovations. By transforming parts of nature, she creates works of art.

“I have a constant ambition to find the breaking point between contrasts,” says the designer and explains that she looks for that intriguing middle ground in between rough and beautiful, masculine and feminine. “I try to find a timeless approach that is still interesting, to go one step further and do things that don’t already exist.”

An example of the innovative approach is the watches in solid stainless steel and vegetable-tanned leather from Italy, with a diamond that rotates at the centre of the watch. “For every second, there’s a sparkle from the diamond. It makes the watch more like a piece of jewellery,” Hagerskans explains. Another inventive element of her designs is the mounting for the rings with gemstones, which is shaped as seeds of a pine cone.

The Hagerskans Jewellery collection is available in selected shops in Stockholm and Norway as well as in the online shop, and has recently been launched in the USA.


Facebook: designpaula

Instagram: @hagerskansjewellery

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