If you are looking to experience an authentic Icelandic coastal community and fishing village, the Harbour Inn Guesthouse in Bíldudalur won’t disappoint. Set in the stunning Westfjords of Iceland, the family-run guesthouse invites guests to be part of its local community.

Proving accommodation for all requirements, the Harbour Inn Guesthouse offers easy access to the stunning wildlife of the Westfjords of Iceland. Whether you prefer a room, or a self-catering studio apartment, the flexibility of the host, Fríða Matthíasdóttir, will meet the needs of her guests.

“Bíldudalur is a tightly knit and helpful community,” says Fríða. This is evident in the local restaurant, Vegamót, which doubles up as the daily shop and the local pub. Positioned directly opposite the Harbour Inn, their fish and chips have received reviews as the best in Iceland.

Harbour Inn: The perfect base for nature adventures

Beffa boat tour.

The journey to Bíldudalur

If you don’t fancy the five-hour drive from Reykjavik to Bíldudalur, Norlandair runs flights taking just 30 minutes. Once at the airport not far from the village, take a bus or hire a car for the freedom to explore this beautiful area of Iceland.

“The way we do travelling is based on the weather; it can change quickly, especially in the winter, we always have a plan a, b and c,“ says Fríða, recommending that you leave a little flexibility just in case of weather changes.

Harbour Inn: The perfect base for nature adventures

Guest room at the Harbour Inn.

Adventures nearby

Many beautiful adventures await you in the rugged landscape surrounding Bíldudalur, with the local tour operator Westfjords Adventures happy to help with your travel plans.

Using the Wapp app to guide you, you can take a walk through the history of the village or a peaceful hike off the beaten track in the Seljadalur woods. Popular hikes in the area also include Mt. Bylta and the coast in the Ketildalir valleys.

Harbour Inn: The perfect base for nature adventures

Frida, Harbour Inn and Gummi, Beffa Tours.

Or perhaps a sea adventure is your preference? The local Beffa Tours arranges privately guided excursions sailing out to the fjords to admire whales and the local nature, or you can try your luck at sea-angling.

As a relaxing alternative, you might take a dip in the geothermal baths at Pollurinn and Reykjarfjarðarlaug only a short drive away.

Most importantly, a stopover at Harbour Inn in Bíldudalur will give you a genuine experience of Icelandic communities and their way of life, providing you with unforgettable memories and a memorable alternative to the main Icelandic attractions.

Harbour Inn: The perfect base for nature adventures

Bildudalur winter evening. Photo: Gudmundur V. Magnusson

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