Amolecular biologist with a passion for distillation of essential oils, a Portuguese landscape architect who fell in love with Norwegian nature, and an old, abandoned farm with a long history of experimental farming. Combine these and you get Håskog – a new Norwegian company producing organic skincare products.

“For years, I dreamed of moving away from the city to distil essential oils,” explains Ina Hviding, who runs Håskog together with her husband, Gonçalo Liberato. Hviding says that she learned distillation on the Greek island of Crete and describes the process as “modern alchemy”.

The Covid-induced lockdown gave the couple the push they needed to put their plans into motion. They found the farm Håskog on the internet and instantly knew that the spot in south-western Norway was their spot.

The farm has a special history; one of the previous owners was passionate about trees and planted or tested more than 2,000 different plants on his terrain. After taking over, Hviding found several plants on the property that she could use in her products.

Håskog produces luxurious creams as well as shampoo and body oils. All products are certified Norwegian Made and are available on the internet and in selected local stores.

“All of our products are so pure that, in theory, they can be eaten,” asserts Hviding. The link to food is not accidental. The growing interest in the use of locally grown plants in both medicine and beauty products is a continuation of a trend that started in the kitchen and made Scandinavian cooking, with its focus on local ingredients, world famous.

Besides expanding on her product range, Hviding is planning to hold workshops at Håskog for everyone interested in learning about distillation of oils and how to make better use of the magnificent nature that surrounds us. Stay tuned!

Håskog: new organic skincare

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