HildaHilda makes jacquard-woven textiles in charming patterns. Made from organic cotton and linen yarn, they make a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 

HildaHilda’s jacquard-woven cotton and linen textiles are made of organic yarn, woven in Sweden with their very own weaving method. The brand is run by sisters-in-law Lott and Gabriella Hildebrand, and started in 1995, when Lott founded the company in connection with finishing her degree as a textile engineer. As part of her thesis, she was looking into new methods for weaving images in colour.

“In contrast to traditional methods, we are using the same warp and don’t have to change during the process,” explains the founder and designer. “Also, we make sure everything is clearly marked in the textile — for instance, where to add the zip. This means that our products will look fairly similar, even though they are made by hand, and we also reduce waste. In fact, our waste often ends up as a completely new product, as was the case with our make-up bag.”

The range includes products such as cushions, bags and towels, and patterns with flowers and animals are proving to
be particularly popular, as are those of windows and eggs. Japan is the brand’s biggest market outside of Sweden, with a taste for simple products and patterns. Hildebrand talks about often finding inspiration in art and museums. “I try to stay away from trends,” she admits. “Our products need to last a long time. Our oldest patterns from 25 years ago are still selling as well as the new ones.”

A visit to the shop in Stockholm’s old town is highly recommended. Curious customers from all over the world can
be found browsing through the products and also observing the craftsmanship, since some of the sewing is done here. The neighbourhood’s crafts association also hosts seminars and walks in the old town, showcasing some of the companies still active here, such as HildaHilda.


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