HILDEBRAND founders Nina and Tobias Hildebrand were looking for a way to create a new fashion brand based on three core values: high quality, sustainability and slow fashion. This led to the exciting, high-end lifestyle brand, HILDEBRAND.

It may feel like they’ve been around for ages. However, HILDEBRAND was founded in 2018. In the space of a few years, this exciting company has already established a wide range of bags, shoes and accessories.

HILDEBRAND: In style on and off the court

The Boutique Handbag is as stylish as it is classic.

What makes the story even more interesting is that married couple Nina and Tobias Hildebrand have backgrounds in totally different areas. Nina is a biomedical scientist and Tobias used to be a professional tennis player, before working in finance for more than ten years. “But we’ve both always been very interested and involved in the fashion industry,” they add.

Their first collection was a line of a tennis bags. “I saw a gap in the market,” says Tobias. “There weren’t really any premium bags that didn’t have big logos all over. The bags that were available had loud colours and big branding. Walking around in a suit or suit jacket, you don’t want a big, red bag, with a huge logo.”

The first bag was based on an all-black duffel bag that Tobias had been gifted during an ATP tennis tournament. “It happened to be perfect for tennis rackets,” he says. “I used that for ten years until it broke.”

The design’s popularity grew and they expanded their range. “Later, we designed weekend bags and backpacks,” Nina adds. “After that we made a women’s collection as well. And then the padel boom came.”

HILDEBRAND: In style on and off the court

Founders Nina and Tobias Hildebrand.

An instant hit

HILDEBRAND reacted quickly and brought forth a line of exclusive and stylish padel bags. “There weren’t any stylish bags here,” Tobias continues. “So, we made a collection pretty quickly and it was an instant hit. We are now the number-one premium bag in this segment.”

The latest addition to the HILDEBRAND brand is their premium sneaker collection, handcrafted in Marché region in Italy – an area famous for high-quality shoe production.

Apart from gorgeous style cues and tidy, Scandinavian design, HILDEBRAND pushes for sustainability. This includes socially and ecologically sustainable production, and support for the organisations Project Fight Alzheimers and Pratham Sweden.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out. They’ve got you covered whether you need a stylish bag for the weekend getaway, at the tennis or padel court, or if you need a pair of shoes for a walk down Boulevard de la Croisette.

HILDEBRAND: In style on and off the court

Heading off for the weekend? Here’s a padel bag for the job.

Web: www.hildebrandsweden.com
Instagram: @hildebrandsweden
Facebook: hildebrandbags

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