A countryside experience


Visitors to Hökeriet experience beautiful countryside, historic landscapes and modern farming. Here, the focus is on simple, honest and natural products. This is the true meaning of ‘from field to plate’.

Hökeriet in Orkesta-Granby, north of Stockholm, is a place like no other. Bang in the middle of the beautiful Swedish countryside, surrounded by a traditional farming landscape, the area includes remains of early settlements, as well as Granbyhällen, Sweden’s largest rune on flat solid rock.

“This is a unique spot, and it’s not fabricated at all — it’s a modern working farm with crops and animals,” says owner Lise Nelzen. “Here, visitors can experience the historic landscape and the beauty of nature, and also get insights into modern farming.” One guest sums up the experience on TripAdvisor as a “good chance to see the countryside of Sweden and how people really live outside of Stockholm. I highly recommend this trip to get up to speed on Swedish history and current lifestyles.”

Through STOEX, short for Stockholm Excursions, memorable guided tours and tailor-made excursions for visiting groups are available, each with a focus on culture, history and the Swedish countryside. The farm’s shop and café have gradually grown to cater to the wishes of visitors, who praise the welcoming atmosphere and personal touch.

“We also appreciate the opportunity to discuss sustainable farming with visitors,” says Nelzen. “Nowadays, there is more focus on environmental issues, also from our international guests. When I see them enjoying a meal here, next to the fields with our own cows, I can’t help but feel happy. This is what ‘from field to plate’ is all about.”

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