Tucked away on an island in the southern parts of central Stockholm, you find Hotel Reimersholme – a hotel for adventurers, beer enthusiasts, and lovers of culture. It is a backpacker’s dream, and perfect for travellers looking for a dynamic and fun place to stay whilst visiting the capital.

“Our hotel is ideal for those who don’t mind staying up a bit later. It is a lively and fun hotel with two bars and a massive outdoor area where you can enjoy local beers, natural wines, and small Belgian waffles called Gaufres,” explains hotel manager Freja Gavelin.

Hotel Reimersholme: Bring your rucksack and your love for culture to Reimersholme

The hotel, which is similar to European hostels, was acquired by the current owners, musicians Andil Dahl and Kaspar Druml, in 2019. They have since developed the current concept where people can come together and connect with culture. They host jazz nights, poetry readings, open mic events and art exhibitions with a mission to make everyone feel included.

“People come from all over Stockholm to enjoy our live music, shows and other events. It has become a dynamic hub where anything can happen. We are flexible and just enjoy our guests having a great time,” says Gavelin. “We’ve had guests coming down to the bar asking if they can sing some karaoke. And of course, they could!” It is the perfect place if you want to enjoy live music, try something new, or simply connect with great people, just around the corner from the heart of Stockholm.

Hotel Reimersholme: Bring your rucksack and your love for culture to Reimersholme

Web: www.reimersholmehotel.se
Instagram: @reimersholmehotel
Facebook: Reimersholme Hotel

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