Hotell Frøya on the west coast of Norway is a paradise for nature explorers looking for a holiday that offers both adventure and comfort.

Aina Ervik, marketing and sales manager at Hotell Frøya, invites you to jump on a plane and visit this haven of nature and Nordic tradition. Why wouldn’t you want to join a guided ocean safari maneuvering between the islands to see the wildlife around the archipelago? Depending on the time of year, you will experience sea life such as seals and whales, or go fishing to try to catch something a little smaller.

Maybe you’d prefer an underwater experience with a dive to pick your own scallops? While a seasoned diver can enjoy the underwater wildlife independently, those less experienced can join a guided group.

While out to sea or trekking through nature that consists of seashore and coast heathland, put your binoculars to your eyes and look up. This is a popular destination and breeding ground for birds such as the white-tailed eagle, willow ptarmigan, or European shag, so you could get lucky and spot one or two.

Why not enjoy a little island hopping across some of the thousands of islands surrounding Frøya? You will be welcomed by the traditional fishing communities, where cosy restaurants offer freshly caught seafood, enjoyed with locally brewed beer.

Hotell Frøya: From island hopping to diving for scallops, this is a holiday like no other

Left: Drying fish. Photo: Ellen Johansen. Right: Photo: Krzysztof Zboralski

Relax and recuperate

After a day exploring the many islands and the surrounding nature, return to the ‘hyggelige’ Hotell Frøya, where locally sourced food awaits and the homely atmosphere will replenish your energy. Ervik talks proudly about the Sky Bar, where views over the nearby islands and sea can be enjoyed while recounting the day’s adventures with fellow explorers in a modern and cosy environment.

Frøya is a place to be proud of, and Ervik doesn’t hesitate for a moment when asked about her favourite place: “Titran. This is also where the film Alle Hater Johan was filmed. You can get so close to the sea that, on a windy day, you get the waves splashing over you. It’s peaceful and calm, no city noise, just beautiful nature no matter the weather.”

Escaping from city life in this particular way sounds very tempting indeed.

Hotell Frøya: From island hopping to diving for scallops, this is a holiday like no other

Divers. Photo: Vindfang

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