Inspired by Huldra

With her enticing beauty, power and charisma, Norwegian mythical temptress Huldra has popped up in folklore for centuries. Luring men deep into the woods, her true nature is revealed only by the tail that can sometimes be spotted underneath her skirt.

She is an enchantress, who has inspired artists throughout the centuries. Yet still today, in modern times, her beauty and magic have a strong presence in Norwegian and Nordic art. One of the brands embracing Huldra’s presence is jewellery-maker Huldresølv.

“She is our muse,” says CEO Annette Misje Bjerkøen when talking about the delicate pieces of silver jewellery Huldresølv produces. “Everything we pick up is from her world.” With inspiration from flowers and plants, the pieces of jewellery are more than just items of beauty; they’re also symbols of life, strength and love. “Huldra was strong,” Bjerkøen says. “She was incredibly powerful, and we want each person that wears a piece of our jewellery to feel as powerful and as beautiful as her.”

Founded in 1994, Huldresølv now sells its pieces all over Norway, as well as abroad. Nordic design and handmade crafts are in high demand. “Our jewellery has soul,” Berkøen says, “soul and history. That is important to people.”


Huldresølv’s jewellery is inspired by the Norwegian mythical siren, Huldra.

Their new collection is called Løv (‘leaf’) and is inspired by the mountain birch. “The birch is a symbol of spring,” Bjerkøen explains. “It’s fresh and powerful, and the sound it makes in the wind is magnificent. We want to keep the appearance of the leaves in our jewellery. You’ll even be able to recognise the way they grow, and the way they’re assembled allows them to move in the same fashion the leaves do in nature.”

Another part of Huldresølv’s work is the ‘bunadssølje’, brooches meant for the Norwegian national costume, the bunad. Huldresølv looks back into the country’s bunad history to find designs and then modernise them using Swarovski crystals and fresh-water pearls. When you put a bunad on, you should feel proud and fabulous, and the different søljer emphasise the effect. Søljer are also beautiful on dresses, suits and scarves for other occasions too.

Huldresølv’s love for nature plays a big part in the designs, and also in the production. The silver used for the pieces is recycled and re-used, all in order to make sure that the future is safe and clean for people, nature and Huldra alike.


Løv earrings.


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