Every once in a while, we all feel like there’s something not quite right about our home. Perhaps it’s the curtains, the colour of the wall, or the whole thing entirely. INNE Interiør helps you make the right decisions for your home, once and for all.

Surely, picking the right cushion for your couch or the perfect faucet for your kitchen sink can’t be that hard, right? Almost everyone who’s ever had to decorate a new flat or pamper up an old one would disagree. At a time when a single swipe gives us access to thousands of interior styles, making the right decision feels harder than ever. The Norway-based interior consultant company, INNE Interiør, can lift the burden off your shoulders.

INNE Interiør - turn your house into a home

“Trends can be very difficult because they are fleeting. One moment, you love something, and the next, you’re sick of it. That’s why I work with every client to uncover what they truly like, deep down,” says Tine Bassøe-Eriksen, interior designer and owner of INNE Interiør.

“It’s important for me that every single one of my clients’ homes matches their personalities, styles, and interests. Each room should have a soul, and it should fit the humans who live in that space.”

With a vast background across many fields, including sewing, optometry, and, of course, interior design, Bassøe-Eriksen has worked with colours and fashion for as long as she can remember, in fact, she’s a colour advisor authorised by NCS Fargeakademi. In addition, her decades in the interior design sector have allowed her to touch on many fields, doing everything from designing furniture to being a construction manager. 22 years ago, she wanted to use her skillset to help other people make positive changes in the most important place in the world – their homes.

INNE Interiør - turn your house into a home

“I take on a range of clients, regardless of their style, budget, and project size. From a singular cushion to managing an entire construction site, and from individuals to couples with opposite styles – there are always styles, materials, colours, and furniture that make a perfect solution for each home,” she says.

Bassøe-Eriksen explains that while we don’t always consider these elements, a harmonious palette and perfect lighting are the very things that may transform a house into a home. “Lighting is especially important,” she says. “It’s a key element for us to function as modern people, but it can also set the tone.”

Over the years, the designer has built a large network of collaborators, from builders and electricians to seamstresses and painters. “Together, we can offer everything from personalised furniture to total renovations,” she says and concludes: “Anything to make your house truly yours.”

INNE Interiør - turn your house into a home

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