Jeanerica is a European denim house focusing on elevated everyday denim. Later this year, the brand opens its first physical store in Stockholm.

Founded in 2018, Jeanerica offers a range of contemporary denim garments, sustainably developed from high-quality materials for the best fit and comfort, and for longevity. Whilst jeans are known as an American workwear product, Jeanerica’s design is placed in a more modern European context. The style is minimalist and durable, and with more elegant aesthetics. A lot of work has been put into details and finding exactly the right fabrics and washes.

Jeanerica: Beyond hype with sustainable denim

The two founders Lena Patriksson Keller and Jonas Clason go way back, some might remember them as co-founders of Whyred. With the new brand, they want to specialise further and deep dive into their love for sustainable denim. “At Jeanerica, we’re passionate about creating products that resonate on a deeper level, transcending seasonal trends,” says Patriksson Keller. “Our collections are crafted to endure, offering timeless pieces that you’ll cherish beyond season. Our motto is to buy less, but also to invest in garments that bring longevity and meaning.”

Jeanerica: Beyond hype with sustainable denim

An example of Jeanerica’s dedication to sustainability is the initiative Imparfait, a curated selection of pre-loved garments and a resell platform for used Jeanerica jeans. It includes vintage finds, samples or up-cycled pieces that were never brought into production, and clothes used for styling or photoshoots. Each garment carries a unique narrative, celebrating imperfection and enduring style.

Jeanerica: Beyond hype with sustainable denim

Praised collaborations and store opening

Imagined as a platform for creative partnerships, artisanal construction techniques, and conceptual collaborations, Jeanerica Atelier visualises what can be done with the versatile denim material. The latest Atelier drop is a collaboration with furniture designer Daniel Östman, who has created a number of unique denim stools. “The collection blurs the lines between fashion and interior design,” says Clason. “It marries specialised industrial innovation, using our technically laser-finished fabrics and handcrafted splash fabrics, with small-scale local furniture production.”

Jeanerica: Beyond hype with sustainable denim

Another close collaboration is with Silver Ostrich, an Italian luxury leather brand specialising in handcrafted accessories such as belts. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Silver Ostrich,” says Clason. “The belts are crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, exuding elegance and quality in every stitch.”

Later this year, the brand will open its first physical store on Nybrogatan in Stockholm, a vibrant area with theatre, great food, and more. Patriksson Keller reveals: “We have a good balance with our digital universe and wholesale. But we also know that jeans are highly personal and people want to be able to try which model suits them best.”

Jeanerica: Beyond hype with sustainable denim

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