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After working with glassblowing in the United States, Jo Andersson decided to move to Sweden to pursue her vision of starting her own brand. Two years later, Andersson stays guided by her leading words of “self-love and positivity”, as both her products and personal artwork continue to grow in the Swedish art world.

“I have always been drawn to glassblowing and being creative,” says Jo Andersson, designer and artist at Jo Andersson Designs. Growing up in the US with Swedish parents who are both entrepreneurs, Andersson chose the creative path. After completing her Bachelor’s, she worked for different artists in Seattle, WA, before moving across the Atlantic. The choice of country, however, turned out to be decided by coincidence. A couple who bought art from Andersson connected her to a group of art students on a field trip in Seattle, and the teacher of the group encouraged her to apply to the National School of Glass in Nybro, Sweden. “Choosing Sweden was simply by serendipity,” says Andersson, and continues: “Working at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and being exposed to other artists was huge for my development, so the move to Nybro was an opportunity to let me continue towards personal freedom and self-expression as an artist.”

Jo Andersson Designs

Left: Designer and artist Jo Andersson. Middle: Layers, 2018. Right: Kari’s Vas, 2018.

Moreover, Andersson keeps exploring new perspectives under her brand. One part of the brand focuses on functional glassware products that spread positivity, while the other focuses on installations with glass, water and sounds to create environments that induce feelings in the viewer. “I wanted to create a brand that inspires positivity, eco-consciousness and love,” she says. “The pieces are an expression of myself and give me an opportunity to connect with viewers.”

After one year in Nybro, Andersson travelled to Los Angeles during the summer to study neon glass-bending techniques, before starting her Master’s at Konstfack in Stockholm. By continuously exploring and learning, Andersson has had the opportunity to flourish on the Swedish art scene. The message of self-love and positivity remains the heart of the brand. “I’ve had many opportunities to meet and work with amazing glass teachers who have inspired and propelled me to work with glass,” she says. “In the future, I’d like to teach and help people to learn and grow through glass.”

Retailers currently stocking Jo Andersson Designs:

UrbanGlassware, Brooklyn, New York

125 KVM, Stockholm

Garage by the Sea, Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm


Instagram: @jojosunbear

Jo Andersson Designs

Scratched but Awesome, air-plant/tealight holders, 2018.

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