At Junibacken in Stockholm, you can meet Astrid Lindgren’s beloved characters such as Pippi Longstocking and Emil in Lönneberga (who turns 60 this year!), and many other funny creatures from children’s books. A playful visit awaits at Sweden’s leading cultural experience for kids and their grown-ups.

The story of Junibacken began with Astrid Lindgren, 27 years ago. Astrid is one of the most-read children’s book authors in the world, but she wanted Junibacken to be a place where other children’s book authors and illustrators could be spotlighted and inspired too. Children’s books are at the heart of the business and visitors can explore this magical world of imagination together.

With about 320,000 visitors from around the world per year, Junibacken is incredibly popular. ”Junibacken is Sweden’s leading culture experience for children and grown-ups,” says CEO Kajsa Medin Hansen. “With children’s books as a basis, we show the way to the magic between the pages. We want to evoke emotions, start conversations and create memories – and hopefully inspire a lifetime of reading.”

Junibacken: Experience the magical world of children’s books

CEO Kajsa Medin Hansen.

Meet beloved characters on the story train

The main attraction is the story train, which goes on a journey through Astrid Lindgren’s children’s book landscape. Illustrator Marit Törnqvist was commissioned to create the fairy-tale setting, where you can meet beloved characters such as Madicken, Ronja Rövardotter and the Lionheart Brothers plus many, many more. The audio is available in 14 languages, and Swedish speakers have the wonderful opportunity to hear Astrid’s voice along the ride.

At Junibacken, there is an abundance of other fun activities. This summer, visitors can experience the playful exhibition Eeemil – Snickerboa Hopp Fallera in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Emil. The little ones can find their way through the firewood maze, play hide and seek and look at all the delicacies at the food stall, bounce around on woodchips and sneak a peek into the carpenter’s bench. Plenty of mischief awaits.

Junibacken: Experience the magical world of children’s books

The show Pippi Moves In is performed by a children’s ensemble.

Another not-to-miss exhibition is Aja Baja Junibacken, which is based on the two books Very tricky, Alfie Atkins and Just Tie It, Alfie Atkins! by Gunilla Bergström, and presented in cooperation with Bok-Makaren AB. It offers the chance to play in the true spirit of Alfie Atkins, with challenges such as trying to solve impossible knots or building a helicopter.

In its garden, Junibacken also hosts Sweden’s largest Moomin play valley with scenes from the books Moominpapa’s memoirsWho will comfort Toffle? and Comet in Moominland by Tove Jansson. Why not try the slide from the six-metre tall Moomin house, play in the giant shell, embark on an underwater adventure with Haffsårkestern, stilt-walk with Snufking and have a coffee break with Moominmamma and Moominpapa?

Junibacken: Experience the magical world of children’s books

Left: Play in the spirit of Alfie Atkins at exhibition Aja Baja Junibacken. Right: Junibacken features Sweden’s largest Moomin play valley.

Sweden’s largest children’s book shop

There’s a lot more to discover! Junibacken has its own theatre, currently showing Scenes From a Summer Holiday on the outdoor stage until 18 August. It explores tricky questions such as how do kids handle their adults during summer break, what is the best code word for ice cream, and what happens when we suddenly have lots of time together?

Another fun show is Pippi Moves In, performed by a children’s ensemble where the audience get to see Tommy and Annika meet Pippi Longstocking for the very first time. Also make sure to check out Storybook Square, where some of the most beloved children’s book characters live. And did you know that Junibacken has Sweden’s largest children’s book shop? Indeed, it offers a fantastic range of children’s books for all ages, carefully selected by its dedicated staff.

Junibacken is located on Djurgården, right by the water with Stockholm’s best view of Nybroviken and the Royal Palace. In the restaurant, visitors can take a break between adventures to enjoy craftsmanship in another form. This summer, Junibacken has its very own ice cream kiosk in the garden for those who want a treat. Undoubtedly, this is a place where children and adults will experience magical moments together.

Junibacken: Experience the magical world of children’s books

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