‘Patchy’ and ‘imperfect perfection’ are recurring words when Kajsa Cramer talks about her handmade ceramics, which she produces under the label that carries her own name. “I want my customers to see and feel the handmade touch and thus appreciate the work that lies behind it,” Cramer says. 

Kajsa Cramer’s beautiful products are made from the finest porcelain clay and are poetically and delicately designed, to create something both practical and convenient. “I definitely think people should indulge in more delicate objects in their everyday life. But, at the same time, I would never produce something that can’t actually be used from day to day,” the designer explains. “You can run my tableware in the dishwasher and you can have water and flowers in my vases.”

Glow and Bloom

One of Kajsa Cramer’s biggest collections, and also her first, is called Glow and Bloom. It consists of vases and candle holders that are created in elegant and slightly transparent clay. The dry, unglazed exterior is reminiscent of dried clay, while the glazed, glossy interior reflects candlelight. The fragile edge has become a part of Kajsa Cramer’s signature design. “In many ways, my design is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and hues, as well as by the shapes and forms found in Scandinavian nature. With this collection, the fragile edges and delicate porcelain clay meet a more organic and raw design, which makes for a stunning contrast,” Cramer notes.

Production in Vietnam

After initially making all her products herself, which meant working at the potter’s wheel until late, production is now operated through a CSR (corporate and social responsibility) labelled factory in Vietnam. “The craftsmen are so skilled, but it took a long time before they understood the imperfect perfection I wanted. They were too good! But now the artist’s hands are visible in each creation,” says Cramer.

Limited editions

Today, Cramer is, besides designing for her own label, also busy creating small limited editions for hotels and boutiques. “I’m using my background as an interior designer and home decorator,” she explains. “Together with the many years of working in ceramics, I offer a complete and carefully prepared design.”

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