Katja Kotikoski is a Finnish ceramics artist and designer whose inspiration comes from her everyday life experiences. Her passion is to create timeless objects, which bring joy to people’s lives. Kotikoski has had numerous exhibitions both in Finland and abroad, and her work is also represented at different public art collections, like the State Art Collection of Finland.

Kotikoski observes the world around her with a curious and optimistic mindset. “I am influenced by everything that happens around me, and that materialises itself through my art,” Kotikoski explains. Her work is known for visual minimalism and attention to detail, a combination that spontaneously combines art, design and craft.

Katja Kotikoski: art and design: Joy through ceramics

Left: Deflated. Right: Cotton Candy Drops.

Her subjects come from current issues in today’s complex world. “I aim to portray imperfection and often handle subjects that might be difficult to talk about, like a feeling of inadequacy, fears or secret desires,” she explains. She handles these sensitive topics with kindness, and her playful touch comes across in her designs.

Kotikoski’s love for the material and form can be seen in both the visual and the technical details of her work. She uses her own porcelain clay mixes and is known for combining different techniques and inventing new glazes. “I could not imagine using another material, there are so many compelling aspects in ceramics. I often work with moulds and create a series of art, but in the end, every piece is unique,” she says. “Ceramics is an endless learning process. You are never ready; sometimes it still surprises me, and that keeps me intrigued.”

New retrospective exhibition

Kotikoski is celebrating the tenth anniversary of her artistic career with a new exhibition carrying her life motto, Every cloud has a silver lining, as its title. The exhibition takes place in KWUM, the Karin Widnäs ceramics museum in Fiskars, Finland, and runs until March 2022. At the time of writing, Kotikoski is putting the final touches to the last few pieces for the exhibition. “The new pieces are quite different – they are more abstract compared to my earlier, more figurative pieces,” she reveals.

Katja Kotikoski: art and design: Joy through ceramics

Ice cream.

Katja Kotikoski’s anniversary exhibition can also be visited virtually at kwum.fi.

Web: www.katjakotikoski.com
Facebook: katja.kotikoski
Instagram: @katjakotikoski

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