Using recycled materials to create something incredibly touching, Finnish textile artist and illustrator Katri Parikka’s style has become synonymous with harmonious innovation. Scan Magazine spoke to the acclaimed artist about what drives her.

When textile artist Katri Parikka creates, there’s nothing that can stop her. Sitting on the floor in her studio in a beautiful wooden house in Joensuu, Finland, she starts by looking at the objects that will become part of her next piece. “I might cry, I might laugh – creating art is emotional for me,” the artist describes, of her creation process.

What makes Parikka’s designs so unique is that she works with recycled materials to create art with a calming, harmonious effect. This can be seen in the book covers she illustrates; the products she designs, from notebooks to kitchen trays; and the commissioned work she does. “I call them memory paintings, as my commissioned pieces are made from items that the client chooses. It’s a great way to hold something that’s dear to you close in a new way,” Parikka explains. Her products can be found both online on Etsy and in boutiques across Finland.

In the end, what truly drives Parikka is the aim for her pieces to give people a chance to reflect, and to stop for a moment. “My art has often been said to have a meditative quality, a sort of conscious presence,” she says. With dedication like this, the result is always something truly unforgettable.

Katri Parikka Design Something to always remember, photo by Jenna-Maaria Photography

Etsy: KatriParikkaDesign
Instagram: @parikkadesign

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