In recent years, going green has become more important than ever. With the current rise in gas, electricity, and heating prices, it’s crucial to be aware of not just energy usage, but where that energy comes from. One solution is to become self-sufficient, and this goal can be achieved with the help of Danish construction company Klimahuse.

As Denmark’s first construction company to completely commit to low-energy housing, Klimahuse (literally ‘Environment Houses’), has some 50 years of experience in building homes and 10 years of experience in building in an eco-friendly way. Today, the company is in the lead when it comes to building houses with a minimal carbon footprint.

Drawing upon their many years of expertise in energy efficient construction, the team behind Klimahuse has managed to develop a house that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, has the lowest carbon footprint possible and is 100 per cent self-sufficient regarding electricity and heating – an asset that has suddenly become much more important in the last few years.

“The market has changed, but we haven’t,” says Claus Keld Hansen, chairman of the board of Klimahuse. “Our goal is still to construct low-energy houses. But now it has become historically expensive to heat up your house, whether you use gas, district heating or a different source of heating which means that keeping the house warm has become a significant expense for most people. That’s why we have made a special offer with some changes to our standard product.”

Klimahuse: Saving energy? It’s a gas!

Reaching the goal of self-sufficiency

A house built by Klimahuse has always featured solar panels but due to the current situation, the number of panels has increased – from 2kW to 5kW. What’s more, the house will be equipped with a house battery for storage of energy. Not only will the solar panels produce more electricity than before, the battery will also allow you to use the electricity gained during the day in the evening, when the sun isn’t shining.

Another new feature of their standard house is a heat pump with an efficiency of 5-7 times the input. Since the houses are well insulated, they don’t need a large supply of heat and there’s hardly any heat transfer, as only a small amount leaves the house. And now, Klimahuse has become self-sufficient on the heat that they supply – the last step in constructing 100 per cent self-sufficient houses.

“We can now document that we are self-sufficient,” says Hansen. “And we can help all our clients to become self-sufficient when they buy a house from us. This is a goal we have worked towards for several years. No other standard house business in Denmark can provide the solutions that we can. And who doesn’t want to be self-sufficient? Especially now with the higher bills on gas, electricity, and heat.” Klimahuse’s houses are rated in the lowest energy class, which in Denmark is A2020. As a client you can choose between a sloping roof or a flat roof.

Klimahuse: Saving energy? It’s a gas!

Designed for the individual

As a client of Klimahuse, you’ll start by choosing one of the company’s seven architect-drawn model houses. Then, the team behind Klimahuse will help you modify the interior design and the materials used inside and out, to fit your needs. “We make traditional houses that are both visually and functionally like ordinary houses,” Hansen says. “We take pride in constructing houses in this simple Nordic style. It’s important to us that the houses are functional as we make them work for everyone. The house must first and foremost be a home.”

Whether you’re on the lookout for a large or small living space, Klimahuse will help you design a house that meets your needs. “It’s important that the house reflects the people that live there,” Hansen says. “We do our best to fit the house to the individual family, no matter how it’s configured. It’s all about fulfilling the needs and wishes of the clients. The house should meet the client’s needs not just now, but in ten or twenty years down the line. It’s important to consider whether this is the first, next or last home of the specific residents.”

To Hansen and his team, it’s crucial that the houses they build are long-lasting. Keeping up with the newest developments in construction and environmental technology is key. The company sets high environmental standards and strives to achieve them through tried and tested solutions and high-quality materials. Buying a house from Klimahuse is an investment, as it will still be sustainable in years to come, saving energy expenses for its residents. At the same time, there will be fewer bills for renovation in the future.

Klimahuse: Saving energy? It’s a gas!

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