R un and owned by a local family, Klitferie offers guests on Jutland’s scenic west coast the choice between 225 individual high-quality holiday homes. Located north of Ringkøbing Fjord, the company’s houses offer direct access to two major attractions: the white-sand beaches and the area’s distinct, luxurious peace.

Jutland’s west coast is one of Denmark’s most popular holiday destinations, and for good reasons. The broad sandy beaches, dramatically changing landscape, sun, wind, and charming local towns all add up to create perfect holiday bliss. Hence, all you need is a comfortable base from which to safely explore it all, and that is where Klitferie comes into the picture. “The people who come and stay in our houses should feel like our guests, and as such, we make sure that they feel welcome and comfortable in their house,” says Henrik Olesen, one of Klitferie’s owners. “We buy flowers and a football for the kids, make sure the windows are clean, and, if it’s necessary, we make sure the house is heated when they arrive. It’s about creating the perfect setting so that, when our guests arrive after a long drive – many of them drive up from Germany – they can sit down, have a cup of coffee, watch the children kick the ball around, and feel the peace set in.” Olesen runs the company together with his parents, his brother and one long-term employee. As such, guests are always sure to be greeted by someone who knows all about their booking when picking up the keys.

Peace of mind

Located on a peaceful stretch of the west coast, Klitferie’s holiday homes offer guests peace and natural beauty. However, most houses also add their own charm and a bit of luxury to the experience. Most of the houses have fireplaces, and over half have Jacuzzis and saunas. “There’s a great diversity within the price range and style of the houses we offer,” says Olesen. “There’s the small, romantic thatched-roof cabin located just 80 metres from the beach, but there’s also the large villa for 14 people with pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.”

While the holiday homes rented out by Klitferie are privately owned, the Olesen family does not include all homes offered to them. The houses have to live up to a certain quality and standard, and when guests arrive, Olesen and his family will have ensured that the house is clean and ready for its guests. However, should something be amiss, help is just a quick phone call away. “As a small family company, it’s natural for us to provide an individual service, but it is also a question of making our guests, especially the elderly, feel safe. They know that if they call with a problem, we will help them out. We had a couple last year where, unfortunately, the husband ended up in hospital and the wife didn’t have a driving license, so while he was there, my parents drove her back and forth to the hospital,” says Olesen.

Natural tranquillity

While the area’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly its beautiful nature, there are also plenty of attractions to explore. In fact, Klitferie produces its own half-yearly magazine about things to do. Available in all houses, the magazine presents an updated selection of profiles of the area’s charming towns, farm shops, local crafts, art and food producers, and special natural or historic attractions. That way, hopefully, guests should have everything they need for the perfect holiday, says Olesen. “When we hand out the keys on the Saturday, we like to go back home, open a bottle of wine and put the steaks on the BBQ, and, for us to do that, without the phone ringing, we need to make sure that our guests have everything they need,” he jokes. “It’s simple, really – we come out if they need us, but we prefer to exceed their expectations so that they feel right at home and we too can enjoy our steaks in peace.”

Facts: Klitferie offers a diverse selection of holiday houses located on a stretch of approximately 15 kilometres, north of Ringkøbing Fjord.The company was founded in 1985 by Johannes and Anna Grethe Olesen.Today, Klitferie is run by Johannes and Anna Grethe and their sons, Søren and Henrik Olesen. The houses very in price from €600to €2,000 per week in highseason, and from €275 in low season.


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