Acting on current challenges in society such as climate change, Krook & Tjäder offers well-designed and sustainable architecture as part of the solution.

Established in 1988 in Gothenburg, Krook & Tjäder is one of Scandinavia’s largest architectural firms with around 300 employees and offices in Sweden and Norway. The team has a substantial and varied portfolio, with annual projects in architecture, urban planning and landscape, as well as interior design and product design.

“We’re building for a better city, with interpersonal relationships and high ambitions, and the dedication and responsiveness of a small office,” says CEO Johan von Wachenfeldt. In addition to projects in Sweden and Norway, Krook & Tjäder is also expanding into Denmark. Two recent projects include Villa Copenhagen in the city centre and Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport – a new hotel at one of Northern Europe’s largest airports. “Whilst Danish architects have long been well-established in Sweden, it has not been so common with the reverse. It’s great that we can take on projects in our neighbouring country, which has such a fantastic architectural tradition and many great architects.”

Conscious luxury at top hotel in Denmark

The exclusive Villa Copenhagen opened its doors in summer 2020, housed within the historic head office of the Danish Post in the heart of the city. The building from 1912 was originally designed by architect Heinrich Wenck, who also designed Copenhagen Central Station. The starting point was to change as little as possible of the exterior and instead work with the existing structure to create a modern, top-class hotel. Villa Copenhagen is considered one of the world’s best hotels and was nominated as one of five hotels at Mipim Awards 2021 in Cannes, where it won silver in the category Best Hotel and Tourism Resort. It also won the prestigious Projektprisen in Denmark in 2020.

“We are proud to be recognised internationally,” says Tobias Magnesjö, office manager at Krook & Tjäder in Malmö. “It has been an amazing and challenging journey to take on the over 100-year-old building, and make it accessible to locals as well as visitors, conference guests and gourmands. With a strong focus on sustainability, we and the operator have defined Villa Copenhagen as ‘conscious luxury’, as the most sustainable buildings are those that have already been built.”

Celebrated project with net-zero climate impact

Krook & Tjäder designs beautiful, flexible, inclusive and robust living environments with a focus on what the team calls ‘good architecture’. “By good architecture, we mean sustainable architecture with a high level of expertise,” explains von Wachenfeldt. “Of course, we design new environments and structures, but also focus on developing what already exists. We want to feel proud that our architecture acts on the challenges in society and contributes to a good life. Now and in the future.”

The office building Kvartetten in Malmö, developed in close collaboration with Wihlborgs Fastigheter, is a great example of the sustainability focus. The building has been pre-certified with SGBC’s self-developed NollCO2 certification. This means, among other things, that the property will achieve a net-zero climate impact during its lifetime. “The project has had high ambitions from the start and, in order to succeed, all actors have had to challenge themselves,” says von Wachenfeldt. “In addition to focusing on well-being and climate, we have also designed the building flexibly, for long-term use and the possibility of change over time.”

Krook & Tjäder: Conscious luxury and net-zero emissions


Another sustainable office building is Habitat 7 in Gothenburg harbour. The exterior design is based on the traditional warehouse buildings of the old quays, and the building has a frame of solid wood and exposed columns and beams, which contributes to a pleasant indoor environment. “In Habitat 7, nature has been a central concept and source of inspiration, with lots of light, movement and lush greenery,” explains Anders Pettersson, architect and studio manager. Habitat 7 will be certified according to the new NollCO2 certification.

Krook & Tjäder: Conscious luxury and net-zero emissions

Left and right: Habitat 7.

Krook & Tjäder is one of the fastest growing architectural firms in Sweden, much thanks to its personal approach. “Our business is based on strong personal relationships and high architectural ambitions with a great understanding of the customer’s business,” concludes von Wachenfeldt. “That personal relationship is our strength. The concern for the customer, the employee and society are a common thread in everything we do. It creates a sense of pride and gives assignments a higher meaning.”

Krook & Tjäder: Conscious luxury and net-zero emissions

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