With an astute eye for design and high-quality materials, KUMA makes bespoke kitchen and bathroom work surfaces for both private homes and the public domain.

Founded in 1988 in Gadbjerg, Jutland, KUMA has an ever-expanding customer base in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, building on a successful formula of excellent products and customer satisfaction.

“We work with a wide variety of clients and our main aim is that they get exactly what they want,” says Claus Kristiansen, KUMA’s sales manager. “We primarily sell business-to-business via kitchen, interior design and furniture shops and teach our resellers to show consumers how our products work and why they are designed the way they are.”

KUMA–creating real products to last a lifetime

KUMA casts worktops and wash basins in one piece, like this example of a worktop in KUMA’s Granite material in a beautiful dark colour with bronze effects in the surface.

‘If you can think it, we can make it’

Allowing customers to create the specific surfaces and sinks they want is a crucial part of KUMA’s success. “There are virtually no limits to what we can craft,” says Kristiansen. Their focus is on close collaboration with their customers at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

The integral work surfaces and sinks are uniquely created in one piece, which adds to their longevity: there is no need to assemble pieces, nor any cracks that can attract water or dirt, making the products more enduring and far more hygienic. And while the products vary in colour, material and shape, they do have in common designs that are effortlessly beautiful and unpretentious, with a stylish and current feel.

Green is the way forward

KUMA places huge emphasis on ‘being green’ and is very serious indeed about their commitment to the environment. “We create things that are sustainable,” asserts Kristiansen, with evident pride and passion. “Our products are meant to last, they are made for life, and this is absolute key to being environmentally minded.”

In a world where not only the quality and design of your home are important, but where the impact on our environment is more in focus than ever, KUMA has long been ahead of the curve. As the company expands over the coming years, they will continue to strive for a greener and more sustainable business, creating beautiful, in-demand and on-demand products, which will last a lifetime for their customers.

KUMA–creating real products to last a lifetime

All materials are available up to 5.15 metres long without joints. Here, a kitchen worktop in KUMA’s solid surface material Rector in white, with a fully cast sink with steel bottom.

KUMA first received the Green Networks diploma in 1993 and has been awarded a diploma for extraordinary sustainability efforts. KUMA continues to set goals for continuous improvement based on cleaner technology. For more information, you can visit www.greennetwork.dk

Web: www.kuma.dk
Facebook: KUMA
Instagram: @KUMA_dk

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